Man stoned to death in Iran

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Iran gets all Old Testament ‘n shit on an adulterer.

A man convicted of adultery was stoned to death last week in a village in northern Iran, a judiciary official said Tuesday, the first time in years that the country has confirmed such an execution.

Jafar Kiani was killed Thursday in Aghchekand, about 125 miles west of Tehran, the official said, without giving details of how the stoning was carried out.

Under Iran’s Islamic law, adultery is punishable by stoning. A man is usually buried up to his waist, and a woman is buried up to her neck with her hands also buried. Those carrying out the verdict then throw stones until the condemned dies.


God damn if they aren’t a bunch of fucking idiots over there. They really push my patience to the limit.

Fuck Islamic Law. Full stop.

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