Armstrong lashes out at Walsh charges

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Former Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong issued a harshly worded statement Wednesday on the eve of the publication of a new book reviving claims that the American cyclist was a doper.

Armstrong criticized “From Lance to Landis,” the latest book by Irish writer David Walsh regarding Armstrong and doping accusations from the Tour de France, an English follow-up to his “LA Confidential,” published in French in 2004.

“Predictably, on the eve of the Tour de France, I will be the subject of a repeated, baseless attack in yet another unobjective book,” Armstrong said in a statement released Wednesday. “Trying to jump on the bandwagon of current publicity surrounding cycling, Walsh now issues a recycled version of two earlier French books that were likewise founded upon a demonstrably false string of sensational, untrue and fabricated allegations. This latest attack will be no different than the first two – a sensationalized attempt to cash in on my name and sully my reputation. Like most fair-minded people, I am sick and tired of those who try to profit off the tactics of smear and guilt by innuendo or association.”

I’m a fair minded person. I mostly wonder what the truth is.

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