Bike Snob NYC

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Hands down my new favorite site is Bike Snob NYC. I’ve no idea who this cat is, I’ve never met him or heard anything about him. I don’t even know if it’s one guy or twelve. But god damn is he one dead on funny ass mother fucker.

He’s killing it with lines like:

Freaking. Hate. Top tube pads. Pointless, stupid accessorizing.

Cursed as I am with such a keen bicycle sense, there is no more nauseatingly offensive classifieds list as the NYC bikes for sale section of Craigslist. This could be a great resource for us NYC cyclists, like it is in other cities. (Check the Denver Craigslist if you don’t believe me.) Instead, it’s a bicycle cesspool.

Yes–you should absolutely be ashamed to ride around on a fixie with tattoos when you don’t even know how your bottom bracket works, much less how to tighten it.

If you found your frame in the trash, put it back.

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3 Replies to “Bike Snob NYC”

  1. I was kinda partial to:

    “Mechanic, eh? I can tell by the mixmatched crank/spindle. Your poor bike hates its life. “Look away, I’m hideous!,” it says. Why did you do this to a perfectly nice Steamroller?!? There needs to be an Angelina Jolie of bicycles to rescue these poor things…”

  2. You’re right! this cat is brilliant… I dug the “retarded wheelset hall of fame”