Test Of Metal

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Another event I’ve never made it out to and regret missing it each time. This year being no exception.

Hey Jonny,
Photo of the Test Of Metal from Saturday, racing Cannuck style – Squamish BC.

Amazing race – sold out of 800 spots and 400+ waitlist spots in the grand total of 48 minutes, with this kind of support I guess you can see why.

Test of Metal

Yeah, I can see why. I’ve been to Leadville twice and the only action I get there sucks. Pretty much limited to Snake flips me the bird and asks “who ate all the pies?”

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  1. I would go to see some pale canadian boobies, but I am a slow fatass that even in cat 5 publics would get my ass handed to me, not to mention those damn canucks won’t let me in the country because I am a hardened criminal with my DUI from 6 years ago.