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"measures, daily, just how quickly we are destroying our atmosphere. thinks riding bikes might just help this problem. tapes his middle finger to the handlebar (unsuccessfully represses rage). mountainbikes in lycra. Tomac did it. he does it. he's not Tomac." Missoula, Montana, USA

23 Replies to “The New DC”

  1. nothing seems the same
    where are all the russian babes?
    i’ll have another beer

  2. DC – the new format looks cool but i miss the porn. I mean, you had it all – porn and bikes on the same website. how are you paying the bills now?

    guess i will have to put my plan b into action now….gotta get another porn/bike website going or else everything is going to come crashing down….the debacle in the euro pro road scene has begun the erosion but i think enough porn on a bike site will be able to save this silly thing we call cycling!

  3. yeah, new look is good, but so was porn. Lucky for you, I’m here for the articles.

  4. Hmmm,

    Some of us aren’t drunk. ACTUALLY most of us aren’t.

    The majority of us really dig the female fourm, without being over run with the typical problems associated with porn on the web. THAT was cool.

    Your constant whiney bitch opinion on life……not so much.

    The new look, reminds me of…..ummm, any other website.

    At this point I see no real reason to continue supporting your droal little website unless you’d care to bring back the hot chicas…….

    I mean, no one I know, thinks you live a reality based existance anyway. It’s a damn good thing we live in the U.S.of A. otherwise you’d be suckin’ some really big guy off in prison somewhere.


  5. What is a “reality based existance” exactly?


    Sorry, forgot to format correctly.

    This thing you mention
    I fear it is really just
    your reality.


  6. Hey Jonny….long-long-longtime fan of your site. Don’t mean to whine, but I’m dissapointed as well with the new layout. It’s sketchy in my Mozilla browser. And the dissapearance of babes?…good lord, man, what were you thinking? Two thumbs down, and I hate having to do this. You’re a good man….

    …but we want the old Drunkcyclist back!!!!!!!

    Mike The Bike

  7. Whatthafuck?
    I punch up the shortcut and someone has hijacked it to some slick ass site that resembles something AZ Highways would render. Nice banner… bikie leaning on wooden fence.
    Where’s the ‘Tubbies? Where’s the skinny chick with the gloves? Where’s the fat ugly guy with the porn ‘stach? And speaking of porn…
    All I wanted tonite was some Bush reference material for all my Orange County, CA uptight white guy neo-con neighbors. Shit, can’t even find that. And no more quick links to games, hot latinas, big n’ naturals…

    Crap, can’t even pull up the archives without gettin’ ‘jacked.



    Somebody ‘jacked the best cycling site and replaced it with pedestrian.

    I gotta find some Stone Ruiniation, cause ruination is all I see

  8. What a bunch of whiners. Fuck.

    Can’t you find porn on the internet on your own?
    By now I would hope you had already bookmarked all of your favorites anyway.

    And Dawgman, I wouldn’t be so certain about the percentage of drunks on this site at any given time. Based on some comments, I would hope there is serious alcohol involved. Take this post as exhibit “A” if you would like.

    Big Jonny – like the new site and format. Change isn’t always a bad thing.

  9. New site looks awesome! Would look even more awesome with daily pics..especially Femjoy!!!!11111 I’ll been hangin’ round even without the pron but how am I going to impress my porn junkie co-workers?

    PS: I really dig the fact that can post comments on what ever you write!!! Muuuaaahahhahaha!

  10. I like the new layout, personally. I’ve been reading it for a long time and always wished the site had comments/rss feed. Now I got ’em!

    I will miss the daily link dump and email responses though. The format of the daily posts was certainly interesting. Maybe format the posts the same, rather than make 5-6 a day?

  11. Dude,
    This is seriously sad. I mean, I miss the porn. I miss it in a bad way….like when you miss the cherry on a banana split kind of miss…..

  12. I guess I’m wondering what caused your need for change? Like others, I miss the link dumps & the daily pics in combination with your witty editorial on the world. You had the trifecta nailed….consider bringing it all back for us in this new form…

  13. Porn porn porn porn porn
    Hot naked chicks
    Hot naked chicks n bikes
    Hot naked chicks n chicks
    Redheads for Dave

    Please Mr. Johnny – bring back the young lovelies!

  14. “first rule of haiku –

    you must be japanese….”

    I just love that phrase “you must be.” Pretty much what makes the world go around these days, no?

  15. beer, bike, porn, arrests. I miss the old site. The new format is fine. The porn was definately justification for my own existance, which created solidarity in the porn loving DRUNKCYCLISTS. Put the pride back in my tshirts. LIVEWRONG

  16. My favorite haiku:

    December 7 1941.
    A cool Hawaiian morning.
    A nip in the air.

    And, on the new site:

    So much depends
    on the red Kona Jake the Snake
    glazed with margarita salt
    beside the white Russian breasties.