Vandenbroucke suicide attempt

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I could say I didn’t see it coming, but I’d be lying.

Belgium’s enfant terrible of professional cycling Frank Vandenbroucke is recovering in a Milan hospital on Thursday after an apparent suicide attempt.


I guess it’s tough being a drug addict.

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5 Replies to “Vandenbroucke suicide attempt”

  1. bit tough on the man Big Jonny?

    I have to contrast this with the empathy you felt for Pantani and his family.

  2. Good point. I guess my sarcasm this morning is coming across more like I’m an ass.

    Ugh. My head hurts.

    Anyway, VDB is a sad case. And I am glad he’s not dead. I’ve watched his multiple “comebacks” with great interest, always hoping he’d somehow pull it together.

    But I’m afraid that just isn’t going to happen with our dear Frank.

  3. Is Manzano wise?

    “Of course, like it killed Pantani. The drugs lead you to other addictions. The anti-depressants almost automatically accompany other doping treatments. I took up to eight pills of Prozac a day when I was racing,” Manzano said. “Prozac cuts the appetite, keeps you in another world, a world where you’re not afraid of what you’re doing. You’re no longer afraid to inject yourself with all the crap. It takes you to a world where you don’t ask any more questions, especially you don’t ask your doctor questions either or your sporting director. Then one day all of the sudden it stops and you become dramatically depressed. Look at Pantani, Vandenbroucke and all the others we don’t even talk about. They are numerous other cyclists and former cyclists that are addicted to cocaine, heroin and other medications.”

  4. Is Manzano a liar?

    I think not. He’s charging for those interviews beacuse it has now become his livelihood. The Pantani comment hit it home. Today is one of the darkest days in Pro Cycling. We now have cool names for scandals. “Oil for Drugs”, and now the soon to be titled “Quick Step Affair”. Can’t wait to see Boonens’ comments. Maybe he’ll do a Kloden and clam up.

  5. when the major cycling press starts actually investigating the money trail (team owners, d.s’s, doctors, sponsors, gambling, etc) and not the sensationalized ‘confessional’ stories of pathetic-figure athletes who are bought and sold and led around like show ponies, then maybe things will get better in the sport. until then, dark days.