Cultural Phenomenon in Progress

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There are thousands and thousand of posts, phone calls and whatnot going up everywhere over this Paris Hilton release.

Forget about Paris for a second, observe the cultural phenomenon of a commonly incensed group of people. There is going to be rioting and/or some sort of hell to pay over this decision. People are mad as hell. I mean, the BBC is reporting they’ve taken like a thousand negative calls on this. The BBC for fuck’s sake!

The LA Times (already!) has 232 web pages of comments, right here. Almost all of them outraged and angry.

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3 Replies to “Cultural Phenomenon in Progress”

  1. we aint had us a good ri-ot hur in los angles fer a good while.
    y’think all them rich white folk gonna come fuck wit us in toonerville or frogtown? better stock me up on somdat microbrew and somdat fo’five ammo… s’gonna be a looooong night.

  2. how about some Paris Hilton porn in celebration of the fact that 93.96% of people in a BBC pole say, “lock her up!”

  3. so if I have this correct..

    some ego-centric self promoter (and demoter) is let off too lightly = culteral outrage, whereas the “leader” of the country can fuck shit up to the tune of governments toppled, international government relations forfeited, civil liberties trampled, thousands dead and it gets a few op-eds and sound bites while a nations worth of tv remotes switch in unison to catch the game scores.

    so…who the fuck is Paris Hilton again??
    ..and why do we care??