We are all full of shit.

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I started writing this as a comment on Dirty’s post over on facebook where he linked this article:

The US government just awarded a $167 million contract to
build 8 more miles of the border wall in south Texas

Trump border wall prototypesI would just like to say two things.

  1.  after Dirty and I rode the AZT from the border to Tuscon, if you can make it in sandals with half a bottle of water wearing the clothes you’ve been in for days/weeks, with no assistance… you’re in.  “Welcome to America buddy, let me get you a beer.”If you think people are just sauntering across the border with a Nalgene and a pair of Keens, you are an idiot.  And a northbound crossing of Mexico, even in the back of a pick up truck, is not like driving to the shore or to the local shopping center on the interstate.  Read the book “God’s Middle Finger” by Richard Grant, it will you a glimpse into what a north/south trip through those mountains entails.
  2. You are being lied to.  I do not know the truth, but it ain’t what we are being told.

Now, back to why we are all full of shit.

We, human beings, are animals.  That is what we are and there is no denying it.  If you disagree and think this planet has been here for a few thousand years, dinosaurs were put here by god as a spoof,evolution is a hypothesis… well, you’re and idiot.  Click the link, get an education.

For those of you that have joined us in the 21st Century, where we have gone wrong is that unlike every other animal on this planet we continue to shit where we sleep – both figuratively and literally.

…and it seems to only be getting worse because our self inflicted blindness has us walking down the road with no idea where we are going.  Its only a matter of time until it blows up in our face.

If you have a friend who does not ride, take them for a ride.  Get them outside in the sun and show them the way. 

No, this is not the perfect solution, but it is a start.

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2 Replies to “We are all full of shit.”

  1. Dan, you dirty hippy. You might like to read The Coyote’s Bicyle by Kimball Taylor. It’s a wild story about bicycles and crossing the border.

  2. That wall them their buildin’ o’er them damned lands like it already fell and should be a bike path with drinking fountains like market street in San Francisco with a bunch of e bike stations that can get to know the rider and then be like This is who I am worldwide to that e bike and work visa everywhere for all the humanity who are tourists of planet earth. Because we ain’t shit in relevance to this planet humanity. The much other life this planet supports is much more than humanity. The least we can do, humanity, is be more humane to this planet, ride bicycle more, and…drive less automotive to our much other murder.

    Save a breath for the future. You owe it to the future human. One more bicyclist is a breath of fresh air for the future and so is one less automotive machine because diy we don’t need they shit no more because we have a planet to love and nurture instead of…