Whiskey Rock

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Whiskey Rock is my barstool. After the day’s all but wrapped up, a group text is fired off with the hope of at least one to say yes. Sometimes it’s hard to find the energy to kit up and head to the trails after a long day on the clock, but when someone else says “meet you there” – it’s on.

It’s not a particularly challenging ride, but it’s enough to make life tolerable again. Seeing the city lights glimmer from the silence of the trail, all those poor saps who had an equally long day heading home for another night on the couch or their local watering hole. I prefer the trails.

Whiskey Rock is a place of rehydration, rejuvenation and a refreshed outlook on human spirit. The views don’t suck either. Sometimes we stay for one beer, sometimes two. Hell, one time not long ago with Rev. Dick, JB and Pawz, we keeshed a 12’er and a whole bottle of Bulleit. It’s a good thing Sweetwater ain’t that technical. But I tell you what, you put a bottle of Bulleit in your veins and a sidewalk turns technical. Get your tweezers ready, you’ll be pulling cactus out your ass for days.

Worth it.

*Not sponsored by Bell’s Brewery but that Two Hearted sure is tasty.

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