Hang out and talk about the weather

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We have all been so busy with summertime living that we haven’t had a chance to put anything up on this here yellow page. Scandinavian Jesus was at SSUSA¬†while Wrighteous is riding across the country one way, and I’m riding the other way. Cupcake is just hanging out being Cupcake and who the hell knows what Rev Dick is doing. Something tells me it might involve warm beer in the woods, though. All this busy life has left us with not very much to say. So what do you do when you don’t have anything to talk about?

You talk about the weather.

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8 thoughts on “Hang out and talk about the weather

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  2. Spanish TV ????

    Wahhhhhhhh-fucking-hoo. That shit is better than porn.

    Don’t understand a word but the Weather Ladies are amazing.

  3. Must admit I’ve always had a crush on Maria Molina, the weather Latina of Fox and Friends. Reminded me of Mrs. Geezer when I was courting her.

  4. Ain’t nothin’ better than a skinny gal with a big booty. They make life worth living!