What Makes DC Special

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When I read D2’s article on carbon fatbike rims being the antichrist of the real fatbiking scene, and then proceeded to read so much raw hatred in the comments, I was affirmed that this was a truly entertaining place to stop while trouncing around the internet.

That article encapsulated what every good online entertainment avenue strives to have but normally fails to deliver. Authenticity. Real people with real voices that say occasionally say ‘fuck’ or ‘shit’ and sometimes have questionable opinions, and then other real people call them out.

DC.com is a place where real people say real shit and then other real people react. There is no censorship of the people writing for DC just like there isn’t any for the many voices (fools and apostles alike) writing back in the comments. No one has said, ‘No D2 you shouldn’t alienate many of your readers with pointless rants’ and there is no one saying to any joedickharreycommenter ‘you should hate carbon rims cause their not cool’. There is only real people writing real shit. Constructive or not. With sound logic, or without. It’s a place devoid of any one person or force, financial or otherwise, controlling things
with any agenda other than “hey bike riding beer drinker, or similar, check this out. Listen to these words. Enjoy these babes. Check out this vid. There is a likelihood you’ll identify with and be entertained by it.”

When Big Jonny handed Dirty keys to this junkshow it came with strict instructions not to sell out. I stopped by drunkcyclist.com and someone was spouting off about how carbon
fatbikes sucked balls. HA! Brilliant. Free fucking speech. This is a place that is sucking no one’s advertising dick. It’s a place that harbors real words and original thoughts with no guidance or censorship from what might be less than optimal for its own image.

Watch, watch me write blasphemous things about the few crackerjack advertisers here on DC. Epic Rides is boring. Jetlites are dim. The DC kits suck and the dudes that print them suck. Shadetree is actually cool but so small that you would have never heard of them and unless you are into cycling and give a shit about your bike being serviced by
mad scientist hells angels looking mother fuckers, oh, and live in Phoenix. Doma is bitter.

Disclaimer, I have not actually used any of the stuff/services advertised here other than Shadetree (which I already relegated to being to too small to matter). Second Disclaimer, I love the idea of of rocking a DC kit, I just think they are ugly. If you had something less like a 14 year old’s soccer jersey I would rock it. I am however a fan of all DC panties and related.

I don’t say all of this to make my pointless opinions of shit heard, I do it to illustrate the fact that anyone writing here has the freedom and latitude to be real as shit, weather it’s good or bad for DC (drunk cyclist shirt sale included) or the few people who have ads

This is why I like this place. This is why I subscribe to the blog and am happy to catch those stupid word definition posts with babe’s asses on them on my Facebook feed. Cause the only thing steering the ship here are some quippy clever well read motherfuckers who can communicate raw thoughts an opinions, with a sprinkling of stuff that kinda gives me a half chub, in an entertaining way. Oh, and they are mostly talking about the stuff I am into, delicious ales and bikes.


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21 Replies to “What Makes DC Special”

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  2. Next article, ‘What Makes DC Shit,’ will be easy to write – ‘Cjell Mone articles.’

  3. Wait…I wasn’t told shit about not selling out. This changes everything!

    Though, on 2nd thought…it just makes me think Dirty is making this up as he goes. And anonymous, YOU are what makes DC shit.

  4. Will we Cjell in October? Dirty? Otherwise, yah, I agree, and no plan is certainly better than a bad plan, and a lot easier for synchronicity to happen. But I won’t get started on that, and the lines and angles thing, because we’re talking real shit here, not euphemistic shit. Nastymontey!

  5. Well fuck me dead! If it aint ol Cjell Mone right here on DC . Missed watching your blue dot this year and hearing your call ins. But way to go on the Team Riceburner tandem. That things a beaut!
    Stoked to have you here!

  6. A good stiff shot of Bourbon. Or elebenteen shots, even.


    Mrs. Joe.

    Oh yeah, and bikes.

  7. Nice to see a new voice on DC. Rants are always welcome, cause, really, to DC readers, it’s just bikes in the end. And butts. butts butts butts.

  8. Your mama should have drowned you. No worries though; I will be pleased and happy to perform a retroactive abortion for no fee, bad as I need the money.

  9. Looking forward to “why DC is shit” article. That sounds fun to write

  10. Hey, fuck ANYONE that talks about drowning cats, even in jest. Mine have been better friends to me than 99.9999999% of humans that it’s been my sorry misfortune to know. And while you’re at it, fuck you.

  11. Hey Cjell, happy to pass the reigns of pointless rambling over to you. My time on DC was a good time and now I’m ghost. Glad there’s someone taking over who can take the piss, give the piss, and piss all over shit.

    Welcome, homie.