Three for the road

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Life has been a blur since last weekend’s festivities at the Whiskey. But this video just reminded me of some of the fun times that were had…


It was a great weekend…Even if this picture that Cupcake got of me, reminds me of just how much I wanted to curl up and die on Sunday morning. I tried to take a bite out of Prescott, and Prescott bit me back. Lesson learned.


This video just taught me that I need more bothy in my life:

This is an amazing little film about a dad, a son, and a giant river here in Arizona. The feel-good hit of the internet (this week).

I have been screwing around on the San Rafael Swell all week. Which would explain the lack of new posts here. Some more stories to come from that soon… But for now, it’s time to organize the gear and head out for the next misadventure…Have a great weekend, everyone. Get out there!


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15 Replies to “Three for the road”

  1. Bothy ?? No clue what that is but what you need is more booty on your life.

    Like me. I’m old and my knees and lower back are shit. I haven’t gotten laid since Clinton was in office.

    I’m to the point where I’d fuck a fat chick laying near death in the ICU.

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  3. You’re heading into the Swell? I’ve hiked dozens of sandstone slot canyons there over the last dozen-plus years. Some of the coolest shit I’ve ever seen, period.

    Definitely think about Allen’s Sheep Cave Cy to Archtower Cy loop. You get up on top of the reef and come to Ednah Bridge— it’s not even on the map. One of the coolest spots I’ve ever visited.

    Unfortunately, the Swell is not real good for cycling. Goatheads (fucking goatheads is the technical term) are rife. Also, some areas have deep, fine sand.

  4. @Mikey
    Already back from the Swell. Fatbikes and tubeless tires take care of the problems you speak of. Just normal riding conditions for us desert folk.

  5. Cool. Where did you camp? There are some really killer spots there. We try to camp in remote corners and usually we count zero other vehicles in a week-long trip.

    One cool bike application starts at Hidden Splendor and goes up Mud Cy. We stash our bikes and mark it with GPS, so when you climb out of the head of the canyon, you trek overland to your bikes and ride back down to Hidden Splendor. Can’t wait to do that one again.

  6. I swear I have some Scottish in me. Gotta be. Any time I see footage of it. something pulls inside in a way nothing else does.

    Now you add these little gems to the knowledge set.

    Dammit, why is travel so much $ and time so scant?

  7. Scot? Was just watching “The Flying Scotsman”. Graham Obree. Straight baller or no such thing exists.

    And I’m part Scot for a fact. Paternal grandmother. “Laird” is about as Scot as it gets. But I’m no Graham Obree, and never will be. And that’s just hunky dory with me. But I am right fetching in a kilt.

    Now where did I put that bottle of Genmorangie?

  8. Saw Kris a few years ago in Auckland.

    He was awesome, had a cold, walks on stage, blows his nose & says

    “You paid all that money to watch some old fart blowing his nose?”

    Magic concert.

  9. “…it took me back to something that I lost somehow somewhere along the way…”

    Gotta go. Something in my eye.

  10. At the 7:00 mark or so, Forest talks about how the closer Dad gets to the river, the younger he gets. That’s exactly how it is with me and the trails. I wake up every morning, creaky as hell, but as soon as I put wheels to dirt, all the old is forgotten.

  11. Ron, I’m 64. 30 years of back problems, a list of old injuries as long as my arm and arthritis getting into everything.

    But when I get on the bike, I’m ten years old and all the world is new.

    Live and be well, my friend.

  12. Damn Sparky, you’re getting on there.

    I, however am a youthful 60 years.

    Beaten my father by 6 years so far.

    Fuck we’re awesome.

    You take care out there old feller.