There Will Never Not Be Assholes

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Got this today from Alan down in Georgia. Unfortunately this is an all too common occurrence. Fortunately for us, more and more cyclists are starting to video these things.

On Saturday April 18, a motorist in a truck passed me too close, I flipped him off, and he pulled off the road, got out of his truck and attacked me. I’m not proud of flipping him off; I shouldn’t have done that but it’s no justification for what he did.

The only thing I said to him was “You’re on video.” Other than flipping him off I did nothing to him. He told the police that he’d been afraid for his safety.

I’ve ridden over 18,500 miles in and around this town (Rome, Georgia) over the past couple of years and this is the first time something like this has happened to me. This guy is NOT representative of folks around here. Regardless, I’ll definitely (1) always ride with my camera and (2) resist flipping people off from now on; who knows what kind of nutcase you might be dealing with?

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this guy can eat a bag of dicks
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74 Replies to “There Will Never Not Be Assholes”

  1. Avoid negative people. That is all.

    Seriously tempted to start a message campaign on the guy’s fb page. You know, a polite reminder. Or ten.

  2. Please make a complaint to local jurisdiction in charge (sherrif or city) for Assault and Assault with a deadly weapon.

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  4. Alan from the video here. Thank you for sharing my story!

    I appreciate all the support, guys but please don’t hound this guy on social media, or anything like that though. He WAS arrested; I am pressing charges, and I am content to let the law deal with him.

  5. Georgia is also a 3 foot pass state. He should be ticketed for not allowing 3 feet as well. Maybe he concerned with crossing the double yellow line with no oncoming traffic? Not at all, when he tried to make this cyclist crash. One bird, probably justified for endangering the cyclist needlessly. The other birds, justified for him being an asshole.

  6. I ride several loops in the Rome area after work during the week. Hope to meet Alan some day, not the berserker driving a truck. More issues with dogs than anything else.

  7. My luck the guy would have been the UFC champ. This situation would have had me foaming at the mouth to see him coming at me on foot.

  8. I had a guy like 15 years ago do that because he said I was following his VW van too closely on a winding decent. I wasn’t. I lost my mind and got up in his face screaming at the top of my lungs and shoving my finger in his face. He shut up and drove off. I can still remember his license plate number. I didn’t call the cops and in some ways I still wish I would have ripped his lungs out. That fuck brains did like your guy except almost rammed me into the ditch with his Westfalia. Good job reporting it and glad he’s going to pay something.

  9. Hey tough guy, how about not escalating the situation by flipping people off. Unless that’s what you want to do and then act like a big p*ssy and say “your being videotaped” and not beating the sh*t out of the douche that came too close. Man up or pipe down! Because cyclists are sometimes part of the problem.

  10. Dude, you flipped him off not once, not twice, but THREE f-ing times…..what do you expect from a redneck in a pickup. You’r elucky this didn’t turn out to be a case of Darwin at work.

    Losten, bud, I get it — I’m a cyclist who rides about five days a week in the Atlanta metro area. Yes, he should defintitely have given you at least three feet, but you flip me off three times, and I’m gonna whip your ass, too. I’m willing to bet my bike that you run stop signs and red lights, as well, then get pissed when somone calls you out on it.

  11. Yes that truck driver deserves to choke on a heaping helping of dicks. But, Alan, you’re either an idiot or a pussy, probably both. You gave him the bird – a confrontational gesture. What did you expect him to do, apologize to you? Or was he supposed to assume that you two were now “even?” But then you went and did it a few more times just to be sure that he noticed. Now, I can understand all that, especially with adrenaline flowing in the heat of the moment. I probably would have done the same thing. But then the guy stops and wants to “chat” and you dodge him. If you’re going to flip someone the bird you’d better be ready to back your shit up. But instead your fight or flight response chose flight. Fair enough. Definitively the civilized and responsible thing to do. But now you know that this guy has it out for you. So when you see him stopped and waiting for you, why the fuck did you think it was okay to approach him? Again, what did you think he was waiting there for? There is no justification for his actions, but you could have very easily stopped, got off your bike, called the sheriff, or whatever. You could have turned around. You could have simply waited at a date distance. But instead, you practically dared him to deliver on his threat of attack. He stopped, that was his thing. But then you approached, so that’s on you.

    My point is that as cyclists, we have to take the metaphorical high road. If an asshole in a pickup is crazy enough to try to run you of the road, he’s probably crazy enough to assault you. So unless you’re ready to go toe to toe with him, which Alan clearly was not, the best thing to do is avoid confrontation altogether. Turn. Go the opposite direction. Do anything but move in closer proximity to the asshole. What good could possibly come out of it?

    I know, we shouldn’t have to do that. But the sad reality is that there are assholes out there. This guy could have killed you. Whether on video or not, you’d still be dead. There’s no reasoning with crazy assholes, and there’s not much you can do to defend yourself against the bumper of their pickup truck. So the best thing you can do, when you identify one of these crazy dickwads out in the public, is avoid them. And definitely don’t provoke them. But if you do, you better be ready to fight, or fly. Don’t try to ignore him and then act surprised he attacked you.

    Just my two cents. Fire away, internet.

  12. For some reason, it always seems to be guys in Ford trucks that have a problem with other people on the road.

  13. I don’t want to sound like I am on anyone’s side, but I always try understand the situation I am in.
    Now if I get hit and killed by a car, that would really suck because of a dumb-ass driver.
    But if I don’t get hit, flip a guy off who is crazy and he decides to shoot me with a gun or attack me. Then I must be really fucking dumb, first off the roads are dangerous for everyone, not just cyclists, and second Americans are getting dumber, and crazier every fucking second, so it is time to start a play nice campaign and just shut the fuck up and drive on.
    Stupid people do stupid things, and the more negative interactions you encourage with stupid people, the more stupid situations you will find yourself in.
    And all of you idiots who talk a big game about fighting a random guy for being an asshole, you don’t need to prove how tough you are in the street by writing an internet comment, go fucking start a fight, I promise it will work out awesome, it doesn’t even matter if you win or lose.

  14. Happened to me and the driver left after he ran me o# the road and I had to have surgery to correct my torn MCL.

  15. You nimrods that want to make the case that the assault was somehow justified because Alan flipped him off need to bend over and pull really hard so you stop seeing the world through your belly button.
    If a driver honks his horn at you are you entitled to attack them?
    So he flipped him off (oh my god three times!), big deal, as far as I know that’s considered a legitimate form of communications that’s only illegal here in Germany. And even here it doesn’t justify assault.
    One broke the law, the other didn’t, that should be clear and simple.

  16. Wow. Side waited for you? That’s defiantly both premeditated and crazy intentional. He is so screwed with you having video.

  17. I’m just astounded that when Barney Fife arrived at the scene he didn’t tazer the cyclist.

  18. A long dead buddy of mine told about how he flipped off a chick in a little blue Jap car who breezed past him at about 3 inches. She turned around and tried to smear him in to the road. He had to run into someones back-yard to save his ass.

    Damn I miss Mark.

  19. I’m sorry but you guys giving the cyclist a hard time can really eat a bag of dicks. To the a**hole so called cyclist on here who said he’d kick someone’s ass if they flipped him off, you’ve got anger management issues. Drivers like this tool better chill the F out cause I know cyclists like myself that CC. You attack me and you will get more than you bargained for.

  20. Haha, flying the bird is an american right; read the constitution. The legal recourse is to fly the bird right back at the original flyer. Porblem solved.

    If everyone started a fight after being flipped off we would be living in a dystopian mad max type world.

  21. The driver provoked the cyclist by buzzing him on an open road, therefore the ‘bird’ response is perfectly justified. I give props to the cyclist for keeping his cool when he was assaulted because I would have beat the fuck out of the guy. That’s how assholes like this learn lessons..the hard way.

  22. Okay when I first saw this I was extremely pissed. I saw the guys contact info was available and immediately gone to typing him a message on facebook. I then started thinking to myself, “okay is this really going to help at all?, crazy people do crazy shit, and what if next time he goes well beyond just yelling and tackling you or some other cyclist, or my nephew who I just got interested into road racing.” I could not justify my anger leading to further rage towards someone who doesn’t deserve it.

    The bottom line is that it’s great you have the Road cam running… Dont stop doing it! but also don’t go around flipping people off because though we are protected by some form of the interpretations of the law; the laws of physics are more real, and I don’t want to see a fellow cyclist at 200 pounds lucky with bike going against 2 tons (plus with what looks like an additional 300 pounds of fat angry guy). Those laws unfortunately are no where near our side.

  23. Sorry also my fat hands and stupid laptop clicked on post comment before I could finish my thought. Keep the Camera running, but follow a similar idea to peaceful protest. The way people are viewing things is that the violence was answered by another form of violence, hence, justified. But if all viewers manage to notice we cyclists are being unfairly treated and are exercising our rights as Americans and as a community to help build wider roads and bike lanes and increased safety then we can actually make a difference.

    On a sidenote in the next few years with smart cars and roads/traffic monitoring there will be some cool tech to help out cyclists and pedestrians!

  24. Being passed close isn’t being hit, didnt look like an attitude pass to me. And what’s with struggling to let go of the bar to give finger? Zero style points there, hold em high, I say, finger them vehemently, you know, with spit flying, FUUUCCK YOOOUU, Not a fighter? Best keep them fingers tucked in, boy. If I were you, I’d delete that vid, you look like a little bitch. Harden the fuck up people, making a big deal out of nothing, way worse shit happening out there. Pressing charges because a pudgy middle aged dude gave you comeuppance, pathetic. If you were truly scared of him, you wouldn’t have flown a bird. No guarantee on how a scenario plays out, if your life isn’t at risk, don’t risk it. Be smart, be safe.

  25. All of u defending this guy are pathetic. U are what is wrong with this country. All of u that say u flip me off i will mick your ass. You are all under educated barbarians. I havenever commented on these posts but never been so surprised by the stupidity of the people who commented. This guy was attacked. He did nothing wrong. If u are at a pro sporting event and an athlete flips off the fans r u going to charge the athlete? No u arent. Shut the fuck up and stop trying to be internet tough guys. You are probably all teenagers that know nothing of the real world.

  26. A guy that pussy looking should never leave the safety of his vehicle for a confrontation.

  27. No doubt the dude in the truck is a complete asshole, but the cyclist is being kind of a little pussy bitch.

  28. I gave someone the finger ONCE. The encounter was so scary I immediately turned into the canal and just prayed he wasn’t on the other end waiting for me. I will never do that again.

  29. I flipped off some fresh out of boot camp guys in a Jeep for yelling “Ride on the side walk fag.” The all got out and beat me pretty good. Never got a chance and never got a tag number. I should consider wearing a camera.

  30. In a situation like this, hindsight is always 20/20. I can’t imagine that there is any cyclist over the age of 30 years old who hasn’t yelled or flipped the bird to some motorist who is offended them. Sometimes this seems our only defense. We who use our middle digit know that a response may be forthcoming. What that response is and how we deal with it is where everyone gets into trouble. In this video situation, the driver of the automobile seemingly sought out this bicycle rider well after the initial contact. That should’ve clued the rider in that this guy was crazy. I’m surprised the rider didn’t just stop behind his vehicle, videotape the license plate and avoid any confrontation from there. Any driver who comes looking for you after the initial incident has malice in their heart. I must say from the video that the dickhead in the pickup look like easy pickings to get his ass kicked by anyone in any kind of shape. But that would’ve advance no one’s caused when he went back to his truck, got a gun and shot you. Bottom line-discretion is the better part of valor. If someone is crazy enough to turn around and come after you get the hell out of Dodge. Stay safe from New Orleans favorite bicycle lawyer-Laurence Cohen.

  31. I’m gonna fuck with this driver Stolen Underground style. He needs to know this behavior and bullying ends with me. This is gonna be fun.

  32. Where does one find a “bag of dicks”? Sounds like an excellent late night snack.

  33. Posting an image of the report, fine, guy got what he deserved. Complete with his full name and DOB, considering the size of Rome, GA? Looks like people had no problem finding his home phone number and Facebook account. Shit move, guys. There will never not be assholes, indeed.

  34. I bet that middle finger really hurt the guy sitting in his two ton truck. Really put him at risk, didn’t it? Totally put his life in danger, that super dangerous middle finger.

    He’s. Driving. A. Truck.

    A middle finger is annoying. A truck is deadly.

  35. Flipping the bird absolutely does not warrant a beating. The fat fuck’s driving behavior could easily constitute attempted murder, not to mention actual assault and battery. Fuck, last time someone got out of their vehicle to ‘talk’ with me, I threw a full 22oz beer bottle against face. Nothing but his tears, broken glass and big laceration.

  36. That’s the thing. If you’re forced (or just damned fool enough) to get into such a confrontation, you’d best be ready to spill blood. Yours or the other guy’s; makes no difference.

    Me, just from personal experience-I’d have simply gone across the road when I saw him pulled over and called the law from there. Then I’d have headed for the house. No way Lardass is going to waddle all the way across a two lane highway. Not to mention leaving his vehicle unattended.

    One thing that’s got to be keeping Fatso up nights-There’s a lot of us know where to find him, and we don’t like him very much. Not very much at all.

    Sweet dreams, Tubby.

  37. Interesting back and forth by a cadre of well informed intellectuals. And I agreed with ol’ Joe! Wonders truly never do cease to amaze me….

  38. How’s ’bout a #fuckyeahfriday to break this shit up. Pretty sure all the angles have been covered here.

    Be nice.
    avoid assholes

    # # #

  39. Alan isn’t telling the truth. I saw this . It started on old Dalton and ended on the loop according to the video. The truck was in front of cyclist and cyclist must have followed to the loop. I saw and heard alan cussing and screaming. The guy in the truck was on the phone and he had a dog jumping around the cab when I passed him. I then turned back around and watched from a turn off pad. Alan went up and kicked the stopped truck. I don’t know why the truck stopped but it was stopped before alan got to it on his bike. I watched the guy grab alan helmet but I didn’t see punches thrown
    He looked like he was trying to get the camera. I didn’t think anything else of it until I saw this idiot on the news. I ride on this road a lot and this is the 2nd time I have seen this guy arguing with a vehicle driver. So now that you have called the news and had your 15 minutes of fame. Calm yourself down and quit looking for a fight bc you are going to get hurt

  40. Chris, you were not there, you were eating microwave burritos with your depressed grandmother. I was there, on Old Dalton. I was hiding in the bed of Johnny McFatnuts truck. You can see my shoulder in the video. Alan kicked the fuck out of that truck, that’s why he was too tired to fight McFatnuts. He also whipped out a laptop to edit out all these kicks from the video before the cops arrived. It all looks seamless, he did an amazing job, some Pixar quality shit. Chris, GFY.

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  42. I feel like we need an adult here….

    Got one fella saying it was an unprovoked attack, and an eyewitness who said the fella acted like an asshole and essentially brought it upon himself.

    If it’s the first case, Blue Ford asshole deserves whatever the law can throw his way.

    If it’s the latter, Alan needs the same for doing such, and then playing the victim.

    To date, no resolution as to the truth on these pages.

    And if it’s been answered in some continuing conversation on Facebrag, that would explain why I don’t know the answer, ain’t got no time for that shit…..

  43. Still looking for said “bag of dicks”.

    Never mind…after reading all of the comments, they appear to be all over this thread.

  44. @mendoncyclesmith

    didn’t know you were in here?!

    Thanks for the spoke talk last week. I got dudes 29+ leftied with the rabbit hole. Glad I didn’t have to move the spoke nipples from the conventional wheel build. I just left his tubeless set up intact and got ‘er built up tight.

    thanks for being an adult(ish) person on this outta control thread. It seams to be blocking posts of greater worth.

    I’ll repeat it for everyone incase it missed you.

    1. be nice
    2. avoid assholes

  45. Hey Buck, yep, I’ve wandered through here for a long time. I don’t post on everything, but now and then….

    Dirty is a good pal of mine from way back.

    Glad that wheel worked out well, love it when you can just swap over and not tear it all down…..

    Adultish, yeah, about right. A mix of real me, with a touch of crabby luddite for good measure. : )

    Always use my “real” name too, so depending on where you wander, you’ll know it’s me!

  46. @mendon:

    “crabby luddite”? I wrote the book.

    We should get together over adult bevvies and compare notes. The world would thank us for it.


    i choked a fucking dude through his open driver window once. it ruled.

  48. K on May 6, 2015 at 9:33 pm said:

    i choked a fucking dude through his open driver window once. it ruled.


  49. I ran over an bag of Mic-D’s food one time. That make me a bad-ass ? How the bag got there I don’t even wanna know.

  50. +1

    I hereby nominate this comment section the worst. This shit makes Littlejar look good.

    What…..are we all ‘tards ????

  51. I rode with Littlejar. Night ride, downtown Seattle, raining. Pub crawl. We met up with some hooligans and had a drunken bonfire in a city park. Darn kids were smokin weed and settin off fireworks. It was a very cool ride.

  52. Try the THUMBS DOWN signal. A middle finger to a stranger (at least where I come from) means let’s fight this one out. The THUMBS DOWN means, I disapprove of your behavior. It lets them know they suck without provoking them. They know they suck and they are looking for a reasons to suck more; don’t give it to them.

  53. I’m a larger than average cyclist, love it when an ass clown like this pulls over, and then realizes how big I am. I would have thumped this Mofo so hard he would have been arrested for speeding.

    They are everywhere, we got a bunch of fools like this in NM

  54. This makes me think I should drop the cash for a helmet-cam. I’m not one to back down from a fight, but I would rather avoid a physical confrontation. With the proliferation of boxing and MMA gyms these days, you can be as badass as you want, but you never know what the other person has in there skill-set. I err on the side of caution in all cases, but, to be fair, the middle finger is what we have in lieu of a horn. I’ve been almost swiped several times and threw up the one-fingered salute 99/100 with no response. sometimes i’ll catch up to the offender at a light and give them the evil-eye, just to discover the douche-canoe was paying more attention to their phone than the road. I think we have to watch out for these people more than any fist wielding hillbilly with anger issues. I’ve even been given wide berth by people who flip ME off when passing as if I don’t have a right to share the road.
    I’m in total agreement with the “There will never NOT be Assholes”

    for the people taking this thread as an opportunity to bash cops, if you don’t like them, don’t call 911 when someone beats your ass. nuff said.