How to bunnyhop a barrier

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So we posted a meme on facebook and everyone’s butt started to hurt. 

– Let’s see DC bunny hop a CX barrier then!

– I remember long ago, before Facebook, when put real porn on their page. It wasn’t all this macho insecure mountain bikes only bullshit! It seemed that all cycling was cool then. Even road biking and fixed gears and shit about commuting! What the fuck happened here? womens nike free 5.0
– Why do you hate everything?

– Hey, this photo makes me look bad and I’d rather people not see it on Facebook. Would you please take it down?

Let it be clear that we don’t hate CX and we don’t hate road bikes, it’s just silly when feeds get clustered with hardcore spandy pants ten-inch hoppers. You want hardcore? Here’s hardcore.


Ohh, you don’t say..


Hop on…

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15 Replies to “How to bunnyhop a barrier”

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  2. hehehehehehe

    When I was a kid I could bike-hop Mt. Everest. Now at 50, I’m lucky I can hop out of bed.

  3. @3T,

    50? you’re a fucking teenager!

    I went to Auckland’s first CX races last Sunday up at Arch Hill reserve, how’s that for Cosmic Symmetry ? (or not).

    And the rain was pissing down, the tempreture plummeted, a gale was raging & the beer was flowing & being handed out, a good time was had by all.

    If I get into this type of racing I’m going to have to put a pannier bracket onto my bike & attach a footstool to it so that I can get back onto it after a dismount & barrier hop, (Oy Vey! Already a Purist!)

  4. You can’t trust bunnies. You think all they wanna do is eat lettuce and punch out a few pellets, when all of a sudden some suicidal jihadist makes a structure hit by chewing through a cable. That little fucker in the video is prob’ly an imam.

  5. “That rabbit’s dynamite.”
    “Look at all the bones”
    “I soiled my shammy I was so scared”

  6. I was cruising the towpath on Saturday and chatted with a dude with a brand-new, $10,000 mountain bike. A 26″ fullie with road tars on it. Smoke ’em if you got ’em, I reckon.

    And for those of you who don’t share my suspicion of small animals as potential terrorists, I got a story. About five miles up from Carnation on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, there’s a creek that culverts under. Some years back, beavers built a dam above it, creating a lake and no one thought it was suspicious. Then one day, pa beaver pulls the keystone out of it— a stick about the size of a pencil— and the ensuing torrent obliterated a hundred-foot section of the SVT. True story, you can look it up.

    Some of you may be aware that I hold a double-secret commission from Homeland Security to observe and report on suspicious ground squirrel activity around the earthworks at Lake Keechelus. Those little fuckers aren’t well-organized or well-funded enough to take out a major earthen dam like that, but you can never be too sure. And the weird thing? They maintain TOTAL radio silence. Not just frequency-hopping, not encrypted, nothing at all on any RF band.

  7. And BTW, that SVT caper still ranks as the largest beaver-related infrastructure hit in U.S. history. You can look it up.

  8. Here we go Mikey.

    An imam (Arabic: ????? im?m, plural: ???? a?immah; Persian: ?????) is an Islamic leadership position. It is most commonly in the context of a worship leader of a mosque and Muslim community by Sunni Muslims.

    Note, it does not say they are terrorists or support violence, I.E. they’re like Rabbis or or Priests depending on your religious bent.

    Here down under, most Muslims have totally distanced themselves from the ISIS fanatics.

    As a longtime contributior here, your stance does you a disservice.

  9. Mr. Hurben—

    Thank you for your rejoinder. Perhaps my attempt at humor was too subtle. I made no reference to the religious ignorance of anyone— Sunni, shiite, beaver or ground squirrel.

    As for muslims, they have NOT distanced themselves at all convincingly from the bad behavior of extremist dumbfucks like ISIS. Follow the money. Ignorant people being manipulated by willfully ignorant people— the worst of all human behaviors. The good news is that religionists of every stripe are losing ground all over the world. But then, our wealth of ignorance is pretty astounding.

    Rubber side down, brother. See you out there.

  10. …having been raised as a youngster in canada’s bush country, I do like me some beaver………damn !!!…

    …i’m with mikey on this…it’s hardly a generalization to say that there has never been nor is there now any real distancing by the major body of muslims here in the usa from any of the extremists groups around the world…

    …this discussion could get extreme in it’s own right but I’d rather talk bikes or beavers or bunnies…