Nothing Wakes You Up Like a Finger In The Butt

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1400 Miles (check out their FACEBOOK PAGE) wants to ask you some probing questions…deep, dark questions. Sometimes the questions stink. They might be uncomfortable.  But they’re important questions, so don’t make too much of a stink about them.

Because 1400 Miles is all about your prostate health.

Yeah, THAT prostate.
Yeah, THAT prostate.

What exactly is 1400 Miles? Put simply:

1400 Miles raises money for prostate exams and awareness by using bikes, beers and hilarious messaging about fingers in your butt.

I love jokes about butt fingers. new balance skate
I caught wind (get it?) of this organization from Patrick, a guy I first met along with 40 Hands when we decided to drink a lot of beer and go to the strip club in Denver. Patrick was game. He’s always game for the strip club. We like Patrick.

They’ve been riding 1400 miles to raise awareness for your stink exam to make sure your prostate ain’t up to nefarious deeds. Patrick called me tonight from Leadville and said they’re coming through Denver this weekend, so if you’re around, now would be a good time to sign up for their event!

It sounds like a goddamn good time.

According to Patrick:

If you are around Denver this Sunday and want to have a rad time and support a great cause by riding your bike and drinking great craft beer check out what these guys @1400Miles are doing and consider NOT using the code “RINO1400” for a free registration on the community ride from Boulder to Denver. nike free trainer 7

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.11.20 PM
These ladies love your prostate. Why don’t you?

You should donate. If you don’t, you just stink.

Smell my finger.
Smell my finger.

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3 Replies to “Nothing Wakes You Up Like a Finger In The Butt”

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  2. Good stuff! Off With Their Heads (band members) is riding from Minneapolis to Denver in order to raise funds to donate to a charity that offers mental health resources to those who are in need. They’re not cyclists just sweet dudes riding Surlys.