Ride for Reading does West Texas

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If you are new around these parts, and haven’t heard us talk about Ride for Reading before, let me fill you in. Ride for Reading is an organization that delivers books, by bicycle, to schools around the country (read the whole story here). It is a two pronged attack to increase both wellness and literacy. It is something that we, as cyclist, can do to really make a difference.

I did my first delivery at a couple years ago at Interbike. It moved me so much that I jumped at the opportunity to be part of another one here in my home town. Now I have the opportunity to get in the van with Team Ride for Reading as they race, ride, and deliver books across West Texas for a couple weeks.

I spent some time in West Texas last year and met a ton of awesome folks. I can’t wait to get back down there. We will be doing deliveries in El Paso (info), Fort Davis (info), and Terlingua (info).

The Terlingua event is on a Friday afternoon. So if any of you are within driving distance you should play hookie to have yourself a little mountain bike road trip. Just give us a shout when you are on the road. We will deliver some books and shred awesome trails when you get here.

If any of you are in TX, we would love to see you at any of the events. If you aren’t in TX but know somebody who is…PLEASE pass this along. Also, if you think you might like to do a delivery in your community, don’t hesitate to contact Ride for Reading or myself with any questions.

 Here at DC we believe in the Three B’s: Bikes, Boobs, and Booze. But Books are pretty awesome too.

Follow along with our trip on my Instagram @dirty_biker or on the DC Facebook page

el paso books
1,600 lbs of books ready for El Paso!
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  2. For some reason this reminds me of the time i put some hardcore porn dvds in some christmas special dvd cases, which were then donated to the goodwill and a womens halfway home.