Cupcake’s Beer Reviews #1

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Coors Original 


look: 3.75 | smell: 3.75 | taste: 4 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.75

24 oz banquet can. Freshness dating absent but so is my concern on this particular day.

Pours a golden hued pale, with a slow mov-…Well actually I drank it from the can, but it poured well into my mouth. Cold. Refreshing.

Notes of grain in the nose, the slightest hint of floral. Who smells out of the can hole anyways?

Smooth, tight and tingly carbonation and awakes a bit of a creamy feel. Crisp, when ice cold. Pretty mellow on the palate, with a unique mineral quality, must be that Rocky Mountain water, eh? A bit of sweetness blends with a watery tangy hop character and a splash of bitter to balance the malt. Clean finish, like water, though foul flavors may become more pronounced as the beer warms. But it didn’t, because I chugged that shit.

Coors Original is more flavorful versus some of its competitiors, with a fuller, more rounded body. For what it is, and keeping the style in mind, it ain’t all that bad in the middle of a long bike ride when perched atop a mountain.


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I don’t have a beer gut, I’ve developed a liquid grain storage facility.

9 Replies to “Cupcake’s Beer Reviews #1”

  1. I sold some lab equipment to Coors back in the day and got the insider’s tour of the brewery. At the time, it was the largest in the world. That was the only time I’ve ever ridden manlifts— I reckon they’re too insanely dangerous to exist any more (at least in this country). Some dude was changing filter elements down in the basement (they used asbestos back then) and sprayed beer on me and my escort. They had free beer on tap in the lunch room, now that’s the shizznit right there. One of the funnest plant tours I ever got.

  2. Supposedly the Coors brewery in Golden is the largest brewery in the world and is land fill free to boot! I know its not the coolest beer to have in your hand but it’ll git you drunk!

  3. Damn Cupcake – that post is very funny as I sit here drinking my “craft”, “session” beer. I had some damn good multi-day length “sessions” with good old Coors back in the day down in San Felipe, BC and anywhere else where it’s acceptable to be shitcanned all day and night. Where have all the good time gone?