Ride The Forbidden Race

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I got drunk and wrote a letter to USA Cycling back in April. Today we learn that the US Cup will no longer sanction their events with USAC. Good move.

Frustrated by a lack of change to the temporarily suspended UCI Rule 1.2.019 preventing racers from participating in non-sanctioned races, the US Cup, which organizes US domestic mountain bike races, will no longer sanction its events through USA Cycling.

Fuck. Yes. That’s gotta sting a bit..

R. Scott Tedro, owner of Sho-Air International and The US Cup, announced that effective immediately, the US Cup will withdraw any USAC sanctioning for all future events. Tedro also said that the US Cup will no longer sponsor or subsidize other promoters whose events are sanctioned with USAC.

Following that announcement and a subsequent uproar from North American racers, the UCI relented and agreed to postpone the enforcement of the rules until January 1, 2014.  Many racers were hoping that the extra time before the rule was supposed to go into effect would create an opportunity for the UCI to amend or change the rule, which currently applies across all cycling disciplines and categories.  Among those significantly affected are North American mountain bike pros, who regularly compete in high profile, unsanctioned races such as the Trans-Sylvania Epic or the Whiskey Off-Road.  Enduro racers and ‘cross racers would also be affected as many high profile enduros and ‘cross races are also unsanctioned.

…Tedro believes that the lack of progress to change the rule before it goes officially back into full effect in 2014 is “an attempt to force promoters to sanction with the USAC, enabling them to increase revenues and bolster their power over the sport while continuing to deliver an inferior product”.  [source]

Well ain’t that the truth. Good on you Mr. Tedro. Fuck ’em, I wouldn’t pay for their subordinate bullshit either. Well, maybe if it was a dollar.

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This is a win for the cycling folks, let’s celebrate by getting drunk tonight. Cheers!

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Created by Snakehawk




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4 Replies to “Ride The Forbidden Race”

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  2. I race under OBRA. Couple of weekends ago, a Jr I know was racing Cascade Classic. He’s a Cat III with OBRA, a Cat 4 with USAC (remember USAC doesn’t recognize OBRA categories anymore). He was leading the race, and on the morning of the last stage, he was informed he was no longer a 4, he’d been upgraded to 3 with USAC. In the middle of a stage race he was winning! This happened to him and 3-4 others.
    In the end, it took a lot of yelling by a local, old school Masters level racer to get him to keep his Cat 4 (for that race) and the win, but shows the douchebaggery that is USAC. Way to foster grassroots, Jr development USAC. Asshats.