Tuesdays with Dirty: The Road from Karakol

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A few weeks ago I posted the trailer for this video on our facebook page and it was enormously popular. With a little help from Mr. Semi-Rad, I got in contact with Kyle to ask him some questions about his adventure. But, in perfect drunkcyclist style I never got around to the interview because I am mid road trip and now he is off on another journey to Pakistan.

Luckily, the full length video speaks volumes. Bikes, mountains, climbing, booze and adventure. He is one of us. I think this video is so good I’m giving it my Tuesday spot.  Take 25 minutes out of your day and watch this, it is not a waste of your time.

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7 Replies to “Tuesdays with Dirty: The Road from Karakol”

  1. Tears! All I got is tears of joy from that. I don’t have the balls to do something like that. I wish I did. Amazing!

  2. Did anybody else notice at ~19:25, when he’s crossing the river and there is a self shot with him carrying the bike, in the self shot there are no bar ends. When he gets across, the bar ends are back on. Strange.

  3. @gergek. good point. but that could be explained by the fact that the movie we are watching was edited by Fitz Cahall, who was not on the trip. Completely plausible that the self shot is from a much earlier river crossing, but edited into this scene for effect.
    Also note that Kyle is much less shaggy in the self shot in the river than before or after it.

    And finally, considering his trepidation at even crossing the rivers, I doubt he would stop half way to change his camera angle.

    all that being said, this was the coolest adventure / film /story I have seen in a long time. much respect to Kyle!