Ride Epic Rides

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Seems as though there are a couple nice rides on the horizon that you should probably start thinking about, and we wanted to remind you to register soon so you can save some beer money.


The inaugural Grand Junction Off-Road is coming up Labor Day weekend and if you register before June 30th, you’ll save enough money to buy a beer for you, and a beer for this fine lady.

Something tells me you want to buy her a beer..

Something tells me you want to buy a beer for her..

And if you’ve never been up to Show Low, AZ, get up on that Tour of the White Mountains train. The DC crew will be at both of these events in force and making sure that one, you aren’t getting too serious about racing, strava, hammer gels and whatnot, and two, that you’re not getting dehydrated. Yes, it’s called a feed zone, but we like to think of it as more of a take-a-break-from-the-ride-and-chill-out-to-have-a-beer-zone…and bacon. Yea, we’ll be there to help you if you need it.

See you on course.

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