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No pictures, no memes, no jokes.

What happened today in Boston, and what happens too frequently in this country as well as the entire world is some sad bullshit. We aren’t much runners here at DC, but we are people. And it doesn’t matter what type of person you are, this crap affects you. Another sad reminder of the time we live in and another wake up call to be tolerant and respectful of one another. There aren’t many words to explain this sort of illogically single-minded madness, but one thing is for certain, and it’s that love trumps hate. All fucking day.

Love others and accept life for what it is and people for who they are. Value the one life you have, live it to the max, and don’t disrupt someone else’s, unless it’s to offer them a cold adult beverage on the side of the trail. Everybody is different; straight people, gay people, transvestite people, men, women, blacks, whites, asians, muslims, handicapped, elderly, young, blind, rich, poor, right, left, WHATEVER! It absolutely, 100% DOES NOT MATTER what you are, where you came from, or where you heading. Be nice, don’t be an asshole. Find zest, read books, ask questions, and learn to reason with people who disagree with you and strive to understand their perspective. If you can’t handle it, find help and seek solace, just don’t take others down with you.

Forget the hate, love everyone. Live in peace, live with dignity. All of us here at Drunkcyclist offer our sincere condolences to those affected by this unsuccessful and delusional act of ignorant lunacy.


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15 Replies to “Boston”

  1. It would be great if everyone thought like that. I am a runner, and knew some people there. My cousin goes to Boston Conservatory…she was 3 blocks away and heard the blasts. Unfortunately, some people are fucking jerks.

  2. ++ Cheers, Cupcake. ++

    You know it. Love is the law, the only law that matters. What most people forget is that love isn’t just a state of being, it is a verb. If you live your life in a state of love, it is always manifest in your actions.

    Here’s to a planet united in love.

  3. I used to live literally 1 block away from the blast site. I bought a pair of running shoes 2 months ago from marathon sports store on Boylston Street which was ground zero of the bombing.

    I was checking out the graphic videos and photos of the scene and the thing that most affected me after the horror subsided was the unselfish nature of the people who literally rushed into harm’s way to help out the injured. How did they know there wouldn’t be further explosions? The last I heard was that 2 undetonated bombs were found and destroyed.

    It proves to me, cynical bastard that I am that most people are good and compassionate and the assholes who did this must not triumph.

    I’ll leave you with a quote often attributed to Edmund Burke,
    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    Today, the good men and women at the finish of the Boston marathon did something.

  4. A bunch of us did the midnight route bike ride and it was f’n awesome. Very DC vibe, especially at the finish. It’s extremely hard for me to reconcile the joy I felt with my friends with the horror 12 hours later at the exact same spot. I thought we’d forged a new tradition, now The Fear has gotten to me and I’m not so sure. Can’t let the bastards win..


  5. If the world could all be DruckCyclists; whether drunk, drinking, or sober; we’d all live in a better world. Gentlemen, continue on and keep the good vibes going. Now back to our regular lives.

  6. Son of a beetch !!!!!!!!!

    A marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards officially. I tried one one fine day. I made the 385 yards. The 26 miles ?? I said fuck that shit.

    Jokes aside, best to all in Boston.

  7. I was 4 blocks away when I heard the blasts. I was taking my bike off my car. I wasn’t really sure what they were until 30 seconds later when my neighborhood erupted in sirens, all headed toward the finish line. That’s when I went inside turned on the news and gave my two year old a big hug.
    We met some one one on the beach earlier in the day that said “keep’em close.” I didn’t give it a second thought at the time.
    Me and the little bugger rode the city this morning and we will be back out there when he wakes up from his nap.
    The beach guy was right, keep’em close but keep on riding.

  8. The bombs could have killed more people at a Knicks game, ya know?…but thousands of people don’t spend a year training, sweating and suffering before work every morning to complete their first Knicks game. This was people trying to be healthier, maybe trying to raise money for a good cause or maybe running to remember a loved one. The point is: Somebody bombed an event that represents people trying to improve themselves. That’s why this sucks so hard.

  9. One terrorist on a slab and the other in custody. Small comfort to the dead.