Charles is getting an arm, you can help.

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Charles has one arm and is trying to get a new one. He’s a good guy that does crazy things on the bike. Things that many people can’t do with two arms. He’s a good dude and a genuinely nice guy, the type of person you want to be around. It would be cool if we could help him get this new arm so he can kick our asses more than he already does. Here’s a bit of background from a recent CX Mag interview.546093_513246215405084_1036612144_n

Click the link and help if you can:


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5 Replies to “Charles is getting an arm, you can help.”

  1. Pony up, fucktards – for all the disrespect & denigration we spew here, the least we can do is give a hand up (arm up?) to a deserving dude!. See the interviews = one-armed baller (for now)!

  2. hope the new arm works well for you

    if I had some money I would send it

    all I have is some fire bud, I guess I could send some