A Tuesday Link Dump

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Here’s some stuff to help you get off on the right foot today.

Dude dropping the clichés like they’re you company’s mission statement. YouTube Preview Image

You give Dirty enough whiskey, it would be impossible to stop him from doing this. For hours and hours. And hours. 

Chris crashed his bike in a hard/weird/fall-off-a-cliff kind of way. For real. Now he’s back, and having fun. 

Scooters, tons more awesomer than your tri-bike. 

And how could we forget? The man, the legend, the wheelie pullingass grabbing, horny kid of the peloton. YouTube Preview Image

Stuff with words:

Well, hope you had fun. Have a grand Tuesday

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5 Replies to “A Tuesday Link Dump”

  1. @mikey

    The longer I’m alive the more I’m amazed the human race has survived this far.

    But I swear. That ice riding video was way fucking cool.

  2. 1-You’re in the woods.

    2-You’re on a bike.

    3-The faster you are, the sooner you’ll be OUT of the woods and OFF the bike.


    Oh yeah, and come to find out this old lugged 26 inch stepthrough frame that’s been moldering in my garage for ages has plenty of clearance, Clarence, for my studded t(I/y)res. Suddenly I feel another fixed gear conversion project coming on.

    (Checks calendar.) Hmm, if I get cracking right now I should be just about finished with it by next winter.