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14 Replies to “Caption This”

  1. The Little Rabbit climbs the Gavia with his new fat tire inflated to 600psi leaving a contact patch the same as a 23c tubby!

  2. Dear Volvo Driver,

    Thanks for carrying my tire chains for me.

    Weight Weenie

  3. “By North Dakota standards, this was just a ‘dusting,'” stated Andy Hampsten (a Grand Forks, ND native). In hindsight, this bares his Midwestern roots – a la Photoshop, granted. That “Huffy” (see the 2013 DC/NAHBS coverage for the back story) was quite the steed!

  4. That’s just Eric Sime on a normal winter day in Wisconsin… You will notice that he is in FRONT of the cars, not because he is in the way but because that can’t keep up in this weather…..

  5. Suck on my frozen ass-ciccle you stupid latte’ schlepping fartmunch coffin-driver!