Ready to ride. Broken. Ready to ride.

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spring thaw on that there bike
spring thaw on that there bike

January hit and I was ready to ride- borrowed peoples fatbikes for about 3 weeks, then tapped into my Trance 29er which in a three bike ride adventure, I had the dirt rug pulled out from underneath me, that resulted in a totally stupid crash, adding up to broken ribs and collapsed the lower part of my lung- such a stupid set back. I wasn’t trying to put my time in to put a numberplate on the front of my bike; the goal was to get ready for just tearing the trails apart when it comes time to run with the pack of dawgs. Nothing better then showing up to the trails and feeling like you could tear the bars and crankset right off the bike- uphill or downhill, just pinning it. For me, this feeling hasn’t been around for awhile and I could blame it on getting older but the reality is, it’s a discipline issue- that’s it. The trail worthy shape includes; getting good sleep, eating well and drinking less beer (can’t believe I just said that) is what makes the machine heal faster and get stronger. I am starting to think that wrecking myself got me back to focusing on what really needs to happen to have a good ride season- not to say that having to sleep up-right for two weeks was worth the pondering time but it might of been what set the fire again- who the hell knows. Go out and ride, the season has started.

only do this activity before the ride when it's cold out.
only do this activity before the ride when it’s cold out.


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7 Replies to “Ready to ride. Broken. Ready to ride.”

  1. Caveman need massage (not a foo foo one either) to get heathy faster. My therapist worked out all kinds of hate living in my ribs after a fracture/bruise. Even after I though it was all behind me. I’ll bet you didn’t realize hoe much you sneeze, burp, fart, cough, etc. until it hurts.

  2. Okay, I had this really wild insight today. Like, what’s the difference, really, between a bucking bronco and doing a stoppie on a horse?

  3. I’ve spent too many springs injured because I went out early season and tried to rip the trails. It fucking sucks.