Sagan Balls Hard

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Appreciating the women on Intl. Women’s Day (click the picture).

Today, he showed the big boys how to ride fast in the rain. On other days, he shows supermodels how to ball like him.

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Sagan was a beast last year, and he’s a beast this year. I love watching this kid race. And do wheelies. The dude was born in 1990. Nineteen-ninety. What were you doing in 1990?

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Fuck yea. Peter Sagan has a posse.


Kiss the fucking guns big dog! Today, March 11th, some of those skinny limp dick dopers thought today’s stage included hike-a-bike. Not Terminator. Fuck yea dude, you make Monday better.

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3 Replies to “Sagan Balls Hard”

  1. What the F was that video with Sagan and the Slovakian models? Looked like a tryout for his posse. Is he the next Cippo?

  2. Could Cippo ride a no handed wheelie and shred on a mountain bike and punk bitches uphill? RAck City Bitch , Sagan for MSR!!

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