The Sunday Spore With D2: Track Marks!

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One of the coolest things about Colorado Springs is the velodrome, which is less than a mile from my house. Last night was the Pro Cycling US Grand Prix of Sprinting, and it was one helluva way to see my first track race. I wasn’t prepared, however, and did not bring my camera. Alas, we will have to deal with some iPhone photos and videos instead. A lot of these athletes will be in London to compete in the Olympics, so it was nice to see them in action without having to buy a plane ticket and fight the crowds. The racing was intense, the atmosphere was fun, and the beer was cold. Temps were in the 90s, but it cooled off nicely as the night went on and I got drunker. Don’t worry; profits from beer sales went to charity, so I was just helping my community.

First off, here’s a video of team Colombia rippin’ it around the track. A lot of these racers were gunning for Olympic spots in London, so competition was pretty intense. (The order of the videos got mixed up during upload; the Colombian video is third.)

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s another video of the action:

YouTube Preview Image

One last vid:

YouTube Preview Image


US Grand Prix of Sprinting
These gents were from the Netherlands. Their coach was awesome; he would stand trackside and scream things in Dutch. He sounded very scary. I imagine he was telling them they couldn’t go home if they didn’t win…but I could be wrong.


US Grand Prix of Sprinting
Even the warm-up laps were intense.
US Grand Prix of Cycling
Fast out of the gate…too fast, in fact, for my iPhone to take a good photo.

Deutschland, yo. They brought the thunder.

US grand prix of sprinting
The Germans crushed it on the ladies’ side too. Some of the most exciting races of the night came from these three women right here.

Course records were broken. The Germans crushed it!

The Germans took the top spot. That guy’s left thigh won the entire race.

The only downside to the evening was the ominous plume of smoke in the background. Another fire started yesterday here in the Springs, and it’s a big one. Evacuations have already begun on the west side of town. No bueno.

Colorado Springs Wildfire
The plume got worse as the night went on. Flames were visible on the mountainside.
Colorado Springs Wildfire
The racers seemed unfazed. The smoke wasn’t thick at all in this part of town, but it was noticeable.

Overall, this was a great way to spend a Saturday night. If you’re in the Springs, day three of sprinting is tonight at the Velodrome on the corner of Pikes Peak and Union. Bring some cash for beer; Bristol Brewing Company was on hand last night to sell their tasty brews, and I suspect they’ll be there tonight, too. Last night, the profits went to Urban Peak, a great organization here in the Springs that gives shelter to homeless teens. They are always looking for bike donations and parts for their bike program, too. Feel free to contact me if you’ve got something for them.

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I am a writer and a photographer. I never killed a man in Reno, but I once rode a bike through a casino in Vegas. Bikes are cool, huevos rancheros are for breakfast, whiskey is for dinner. Denver, Colorado, USA

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  1. My inner caveman feels compelled to share that I find these strong legged German women mysteriously attractive. I think it’s a comfortable thought.

  2. What a co-inky-dink! I was just listening to a Freddy King singing about a “Big Legged Woman”. He seemed to be quite smitten.

  3. Jesus-Titty-Fucking-Christ.

    If you went down on the 1st placer in the 4th pic you end up in a coma.

    Question is: Would that be a bad thing ??

  4. This thread resembles a Robert Crumb Appreciation Society convention!

    (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just keep on trucking)

  5. D2, if you have never ridden the track, I suggest you try it. That shit is fun. I know riding around like NASCAR doesn’t seem like it would be a blast but it is. I lost my job 3 years ago and went to the ADT center Velodrome twice a week for a few months for training, it hurt like hell but man riding the 45 deg banks and realizing that when you are leaned over in a corner, that the guy next to you is actually 3 feet below you is a rad feeling. I wish I could afford to go all the time.

  6. I’m pretty sure the track at Memorial Park in the Springs has open track on Tuesdays and Thursdays before the night racing session.

  7. I have thought about trying it…might give it a go this summer, though I do have a track record of horrific injuries at high speeds.

  8. D2 – you’re all about skid marks… not track marks. you sporific specimen.

  9. I just checked. No skid marks this morning, but thanks for the head’s up. I’ll check again later today.

  10. Speaking of skid marks, you should see the one the kid next door did last week. Steep hill nearby and he’s riding his father’s 70s banana seat bike.

    Slams the brakes and I swear that skid was a good 25 yards. It was beautiful. Another 5 yards and I would’ve had a woody. You are a bag full of shit.

  11. “Your” town? Got smore material? Karma? Let the muthafuckaburn. Rev. Ted Haggart is the matchman…

  12. Yes, the town in which I live, sometimes colloquially referred to as ‘my town.’ The bigger issue is a lot of people’s lives and homes are in danger.

  13. D2, don’t bother using big words, or general compassion for others with “I like to be on the bottom” bracket or his ilk. (looking @ you mutant). People like them can’t take ownership of anything except their collection of ladyboy magazines. I think the fumes from the Chinese drywall in their mom’s basement has finally corroded their brains.

    Hope you & yours stay safe out there.

  14. I’m with bikemike.

    Stay safe D2.

    And post away.

    Despite the idiocy of bgw and joe, you and db are the 2 reasons I can’t stay away from this place.

  15. One thing it seems we’ve failed to learn from the several examples in southern California, is that if you build McMansion starter castles in remote, wooded canyons, Ma Nature might come and take them.

    Surely those home owners recognize this fact, rather than howling like stuck pigs that the big, bad government isn’t doing enough to save their “investments.” No? Imagine that.

    Here’s to hoping the wind dies down, and soon.

  16. …looking extremely serious out your way, deetoo…hoping the best for you, your family & everybody in that area…that’s a major problem right now…

    …& triple t…you ought a’ fucking know better…

  17. Thanks for the well wishes, kids. Things are tense here. Wife and I packed bags just in case, though I don’t think our part of town will get evacuated. Several friends are evacuated, though, and the general mood here in the springs is not good. The fire’s still spreading and they’re expecting high temps and high winds over the next several hours.

    Anyway, I have to drive to Denver tonight to pick up some friends visiting from the east coast (great timing, right?), so I guess I’ll be seeing this craziness first hand as I make my way up I-25…

  18. SRAM Rock shox shut. Rotor boys gone home. bottom line is a lot of good people and good cyclists are in a world of hurt wit hthis firs and I wish them the best. People huddled up at my house thinking their pad is torched is no way to spend the day.


  19. as for the velodrome you just gotta try it or any at some point. my first experience on a velodrome was in Manchester and a visit. the first time you hit a bank like that you learn instantly why gears are fixed and the shocker to was the resistance and force you feel as you try to push that big gear. the turn looks like a wall coming at you and it feels. good thing about a track is the playing field is inverse with big power guy having advantage over that dude in the boulder morning groupo with the ass and legs of a 12 year old who drops you on the first incline. I hate that guy. come on out to the dromo you….Ho… aaaa forget it

  20. “…& triple t…you ought a’ fucking know better…”

    For years I loved your posts and fucking defended you.

    Then you pissed in my face.

    I DO know better. You and bi-polar joe and twins.

  21. I havent posted here in like 4 years. BP or Bj can look it up. Not since the beatdown i put on that crazy neocon fuck dave. still some of the players here. a lot of fronting going on with the rest of you toolbags.

  22. …well, sorry, triple t…not my intent to “…piss in your face…”, ya ???…i don’t think i wanna rehash a lotta ‘details’ that personally i don’r recall but i’m gonna suggest it’s not my style to ‘piss in anybodies face’ unless there’s some kinda reason…

    …but i will say that i wouldn’t defend my own mother if i thought she was wrong…i might handle it diplomatically if it was warranted but if not, i might just come across pretty strongly…

    …always been that way, always will be…i don’t ‘buy’ friends to benefit myself ‘cuz then my subconscious is never gonna allow me to really accept them as true friends…

    …maybe i was wrong here at the time & if so, i apologize but then again, maybe you were drunk & disorderly…you might know better than me, ya ???…

  23. I think that you two arseholes need to hug & make up.
    (don’t make me have to come over there & slap you silly, jeez I hate LAX…)

  24. “…Good, bad or otherwise, we don’t exist to each other…”

    …bwahahahafuckingha !!!…whatever, dude, whatever the fuck you want…you get to live in whatever ridiculous world you wanna make for yourself…


  25. You’re. You’re. You’re. You’re.

    Fuck. I hate when I do that.

    The English language sucks.

  26. …there ya go, ttt…having ‘guest’ on your side is like watching two drunks holding each other up as they stagger down the sidewalk…

  27. Fuck guest.

    This is twin us. For years I befriended and defended you. Then you piddled in my face.

    If I had a bad night, I’d apologies and I would expect you to understand, and we’d move on friends. But I went thru the old posts and you pissed all over me for something I do not understand.

    Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

  28. @el jefe

    That vid is going to give me nightmares tonight.

    Thanks a lot.

    Ya putz