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22 Replies to “Se7en days until TdF”

  1. Shit, Frank has already thrown in the towel on winning the Tour this year. I know he’s not one of the posted choices here, but after watching Gesink destroy everyone on Mt. Baldy, I’m convinced that he can win the Tour at some point in his career. Also, I think Nibali has a legitimate shot considering he didn’t do the Giro this year, though his head might not be completely in the game if he’s riding for a team that he wants to leave.

  2. …i’m with sean…fucking ryder to pull off the first double since pantani in ’98…

  3. My money is on Wiggins, but Ryder has an outside shot if week two turns into a staring contest.

  4. …sky, garmin & bmc are this years strong teams…got a feeling nissan – trek may implode which is a shame for horner ‘cuz he may end up as their ‘go to’ gc guy…

  5. Cadel will hide all tour and end up at or near the top…he’ll get the yellow and the award for least exciting.

  6. @guest: Evans is going to need at least a buck thirty on Wiggins going into stage 19. No hiding this year.

  7. Thor is skipping the TdF this year, no?

    The canuckian is looking strong as is his team but don’t forget about Levi and the super team of Omega-Quick Step. I would not count him out even if he has had a terribad early season. I also like the ASTANA team this season as it seems they are collectively strong but seem to lack a serious GC contender from the start but who knows how things will shape up after half way through this tour.

  8. Anyone who votes for Levi needs their head checked. +1 for being pro USA though

  9. …vandevelde will be riding in support of ryder hesjedal on this go-around…that’s assuming the canadian has something left in his tank towards the end, after his giro palmares…

  10. I’m comin in this place hard once they roll out of Belgium. all the Phil and Paul smack will be epic and the race itself will be nothing more than a group tempo ride through the alps but they will all look like men riding possessed and shit right Paul?. woo hoo.

  11. all of you wiggo supporters don’t forget the fact that Brainsford still calls the shots so I hope it all goes to plan and Sky doenst need to adapt because it wont be in the user manual