Those fuckers in Sun Valley…

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Well shit, I’ve become a fan of Sun Valley though a good buddy of mine (Chopper) in the last 7 yrs. The attraction hasn’t been just for the winter time, its been for Spring and Summer- once the snow melts that place kicks ass for mountain biking and road riding. Anyways, I had this passed on to me this last week from Chopper. Wether you enter the contest or not, its a pretty funny video. Happy Sunday!

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13 Replies to “Those fuckers in Sun Valley…”

  1. Try avoiding all the dog shit bags on every trail there . Lame . If your lookin for tight trail and loose women better think twice …..Or go cougar huntin cause the average age is 65 + . Alot of real single track ruined by machine -IMBA built trails . Dogs rule , moto abused ,so many 5000 $ full suspended 29ers on BMW roof racks . Town is totally dead ,race courses suck donkey dick .350 $ season pass for two trails on Mt Baldy . Lots of rich kooks clad in their club ride kits and to top it off 30$ pizza !

  2. Yes, the trails on Baldy were built with a machine. If you (can) ride your bike up the trails, they are free! I don’t recall Fisher Creek, Fox Creek, Chocolate Gulch, Adams Gulch, Greenhorn Gulch trails, at least the good ones, being built with a machine.
    People wear Club Ride gear cuz it’s a local company, just like Smith and Scott. Shop local! The singletrack in SV area is great. Nightlife, well not so much, but hey, gives you time to sleep so you can ride more. And some of those cougars and old dudes can probably ride faster than a lot of people half their age.

  3. Joetrak bitter. Joetrak need remedy. Joetrak have hard time playing with others.
    Joetrak need vacation and need to have second look at Sun Valley. Someone please enter poor Joetrak. He sad.

    and Joetrak, you right 2011 natz course blew donkeys. 2012 much better track for Joetrak. One lap around Baldy. all way around.
    This make Joetrak happy.

    Joetrak no bitter no more. Good Joetrak.

  4. I do what Chopper say. I enter Joetrak in contest. Joetrak win. Joetrak find love with 65 year old couger. Joetrak happy.

  5. A. I don’t know who told dog owners that their little bags of shit belong on the trail, but the same thing happens in Austin. Lame. Full. Stop. Weak. Sauce.

    B. I haven’t been through Sun Valley in a decade, but recall more quality singletrack than you can shake a stick at. If all you rode was Baldy, you got some bad beta. The Forest Service built most of the trails.

    C. Sun Valley was lame, but Ketchum had a pretty epic drinking culture when I was there. All of the service people would trade money for cheap booze. Forest Service workers in the summer, ski-bums in the winter. Is Grumpy’s still around?

  6. I had lunch in Sun Valley one time, and literally heard some rich-assed bitty say about Grumpy’s: “That’s where all the working people go…” Yep. Those of us who still do our own laundry (it was a beer and laundromat). Closed at 9pm. Giant schooners of beer.

  7. Single track is righteous all up and down the wood river valley. I don’t get why folks think it’s so great for road riding though – seeing as it’s just the one road (that’s paved anyway).

  8. I live here, so I’ll call out my bias before commenting, but Sun Valley has World Class Singletrack and lots of it. I’ve spent most of my adult life traveling to and working at bike events around the World and feel strongly that the riding here is amongst the best you’ll find domestically. I hope to see a few DC jersey’s up here in July, you won’t regret it. And if you’re wondering where the beer is: THE POWERHOUSE

  9. I have a great time when I go there and always stop at The Powerhouse for a damn good meal and beer.

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