Boad Riking

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Great road races happening this time of year, here’s a nice little weekender for you. I watched me some AToC this afternoon and boy, some of those guys were putting it in the hurt locker. This clip here is about a once down-hiller convert to roadie. While it may be a bit serious, I like his passion and the camerawork is dope. I may even do myself a little spandy pants race tomorrow. If you’re in Madison, come down and look for the bearded guy in a DC jersey, he’ll hook it up. Now go drink plenty of beer, ya hear?

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I don’t have a beer gut, I’ve developed a liquid grain storage facility.

5 Replies to “Boad Riking”

  1. Nice one Dan. Pretty sure the footage was shot on the road to Indian Arm. We road that today and then climbed the 1000m up to the Seymour Ski area. Vancouver is a great place to “Boad Rike”. Stead Cycles is a neat shop with very enthusiastic and knowledgable staff. We just bought our eldest kid his new bike there a few weeks back.

  2. Good inspiration…I just shattered my tibia in March. I have several months of therapy left and can not wait to climb back on a bike!

  3. Interesting to see that there’s something called “riking”, as that’s the name I use online. Can someone explain exactly what it is to me?