Ozon Cyclery Bamboo Bikes

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Last winter, a guy named Dan was visiting the coffee shop where I work on a regular basis. He told me lived in Berlin and built bamboo bicycle frames. He showed me his website and we talked about getting some frames to test out.

Dan is now in need of some funding in order to make this happen, so he created a KickStarter project, check it out.

Dan and Matt are both guys I remember from MoBo, the bike co-op, when it first started 5 years ago. Last year Matt and I worked together to help get donations for the annual fundraiser. Now Matt and Dan are living the dream in Berlin, building rad bamboo bikes, and I want to help them out. More importantly, I want to test ride one of their bikes.

These frames are hella sweet.


Donate a few bucks to their mission, will ya? You might even get a frame to test out.

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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

98 Replies to “Ozon Cyclery Bamboo Bikes”

  1. Yep, nice idea perhaps, but I find all the bamboo frames I’ve ever seen unspeakably ugly. I just couldn’t do it. Sorry Judi.

  2. Those frames look cool, and it’s an appealing notion to be sure, but dang they must be heavy and flexy. I’ll stick with the crabon/crabon plasticky thang.

  3. Steel is also heavy and flexy compared to crabon/crabon plasticky pieces. Suit yourself, I’ll wait at the top of the climb. :)

  4. I would ride one, would be a cool looking ride , definitely not off the rack , I heard that bamboo was actually stronger then steel in some cases if you can believe that. I bet it has a stiff ride , Gives new meaning to the word going green.

  5. heh heh, do you drag your feet to stop? You’d also want to practice hollering “WILMA!!” at the top of your lungs.

  6. I don’t know, this thing just reaks of “I wanna be different”. I’m sure it is rad an all that good shit and I’m sure there is some social consciousness element that escapes me due to my inadequate level of enlightenment – but all I can think of here is a big splinter in the crotch when this thing explodes upon impact of whatever.


  7. Oh yeah, and “…heavy compared to…” is bullshit. Steel as God intended vs. crabon or bambu or frootloops in a smugness matrix is-what?-maybe two pounds per bike. Add wheels. Add drivetrain. Add cockpit and brakes and shifty bits. Add 150 or 200 pounds of rider. That’s two-three pounds difference on 165 pounds MINIMUM, ready to ride. Make it my Clydesdale ass plus fenders, sensible tires, rack, panniers, handlebar bag plus a frame that’s sized to fit a six footer and you’re talking fly shit.

    Oh, and I’ve got thirty-forty year old steel frames that ain’t showin’ any significant rust. Nah, you need a better argument than that.

  8. @Joe— well, you’re wrong again. The Trophy Bike is stiff as a board and weighs 16#; I weigh 170#. I have a decent steel bike which comes in around 22# and I’m LUCKY if I can climb as well on its 36t as the Trophy Bike’s 39t. That’s a ten percent difference. No worries, I’ll wait at the top of the climb.

  9. No, I ain’t “wrong again”. But if it helps ya sleep nights to say so, be my guest.

    I ride what works and what is reliable and comfortable. Stiff as a board? 16#? Sounds like it would work a treat for some midlife crisis Fred who wants to emulate emaciated shaved-down Italians. Walter Mitty much? Thought so. Not that, yaddayadda. Been there, done that. But personally, I don’t see anything in your “trophy” but a sore back after an hour and a wet ass when it rains.

    Oh yeah, and wait all you want at the top of the hill, Fredalicious. I’ll be the old man on the steel bike with the beer in my panniers. But you gotta be first everywhere, so I won’t ask you to wait. And how did you get the idea that I give a fuck who gets where first?

    And as far as 36t vs. 39t, there’s a new invention called a “triple crank”. 22:28 on my old steel HooKoo gets me up just about any hill. Them that it don’t, the 24:34 on my 1976 Raleigh Supercourse will. For the life of me I don’t know why I’d ever want more than that.

  10. Unless my crapulator is off (unlikely) you come in at 192 steel and 186 unobtanium, which makes it closer to six percent. And you ain’t gonna tell me the twelve pounds difference is all in the frame. Build both bikes identical and I bet you’re still only looking at a couple-three pounds.I bet I’ve crapped bigger.

    But now I know how you got so fast, not that I give a rat’s patoot about such crass vulgarities. You ditched math class and went-how you Freds say?-“training” instead.

  11. @Joe— you’re being a moron. Again. Hey, I’m happy to stand around chit-chatting and sipping cyto-beverage while you finish sweating and grinding the rest of the way up the hill… I prefer to ride “no drop.” It’s all good, brother.

    The ten percent difference I cited was between the ratios offered by the 36t versus the 39t. The Trophy Bike climbs better on the 39t than my steel bike does on the 36t. You’re right, it’s not all weight difference, it’s flex. Steel is flexy and doesn’t climb as well as crabon/crabon plasticky pieces.

    It’s actually warm, so I’m out for another fifty miles today. Enjoy the ride!

  12. And what, pray tell, is moronic about you enjoying your bike, me enjoying mine, and me not giving a fuck about the difference between the two? But again, if calling me names helps ya sleep nights, or makes your shorts feel alittle fuller, then by all means be my guest.

  13. Joe, it’s moronic to insist that steel climbs as well as crabon/crabon. This is quite simply contrary to firmly established physical fact.

    Beyond that, I think we both enjoy riding quite a bit— it’s a brotherhood I’m proud to belong to. I got yer back. I dig the “steel is real” ethic, and it makes me kinda sad to see my ‘cross bike hanging up with zero miles on her this season. At the same time, I adore the fancy new crabon/crabon hardtail that’s replaced her for trail riding— the fact is, it’s faster and just as smooth as the steel ‘cross bike. It’s an amazing machine. Crabon/crabon is a superior material of construction for a bicycle frame for practical reasons, if not aesthetic ones.

  14. Mikey, I never said steel climbs as good as carbon. I just don’t give a fuck. Do try to keep up. As to “practical considerations”, I’m down like a clown, Charlie Brown. As long as one includes the practical considerations of sensible tires and fenders, brazeons (do they call them that on crabon frames?) for whatever accessories might ease my day, and a proper fit, given my preferred riding position.

    Of course it will be a cold day in August before I will justify the cash outlay for a frame that only saves me a pound or two, but even if I could, I just think lugged steel looks ahellofalot prettier. And anyway, what I have gets me to the store or the post office or just away for an hour or so, and it always brings me home. That’s plenty good for now.

  15. Oh yeah, and one man’s “flexy” is another man’s “rides like a pink cloud carried on the shoulders of angels”. I don’t think I’d WANT to ride anything so stiff I feel every pebble.

  16. @Joe— okay, I see what’s going on here. You’ve never ridden crabon/crabon, have you?

    Ignorance is bliss. Dude, the Trophy Bike rides BETTER THAN STEEL. It climbs like a dream— BETTER THAN STEEL. Why suffer more than necessary? Because you “think lugged steel looks ahellofalot prettier?” That’s hipster bullshit, right there. My crabon/crabon mountain bike rides BETTER THAN STEEL. Maybe you’re not hip to basic engineering principles, and I can sure understand gagging on the price tag, but crabon/crabon is a superior material for the construction of bicycle frames. QED.

    Here’s something I’ll bet we can agree on: “aerodynamic” frame sets are stoopid, despite what darn near every “high end” manufacturer would have you believe. Let me get this straight— you want me to pay extra for poorer NVH characteristics and tortured cable routing so I can (supposedly) save one calorie per kilometer? Screw that.

  17. Mikey-

    1-I’m not ignorant. I’m poor. You’re a leftie liberal. Ain’t there something in your code of “ethics” that says it ain’t cool to pick on the less-able, economic-wise? Oh wait, I’m also a conservative. Nevermind.

    2-I have always thought lugged steel was pretty. Menniemenniemenniefreakin’YEARS before anyone on this planet even knew what a hipster was.

    3-Aero is bullshit. Lighter by a couple pounds is bullshit. Stiffer frames is bullshit. Calling a ride to the post office or down the C&O to clear your head “junk miles” is bullshit. Unless you seriously truthfully race for a living. Me, I been married 30 years. Don’t talk to me about “suffering” on Alp d’Huez. Ride what you like. If your choice enhances the experience, I’m happy for you, seriously and for real. But damn, buddy! Ain’t we spent enough time beating this dead horse? Me, I’m getting back to my bottom-shelf vodka and cranberry juice until Mrs. Joe calls out, “Supper’s ready”. Take care, pal.

  18. Son, I was into science when you were just an itch in your daddy’s pants. And I wouldn’t be so poor if the dogeater wasn’t hellbent on making everyone equally miserable. “Fair share”, whatever the fuck that means.

    “Ignorant and poor”? So what are you pulling down? America deserves an answer. And guess what? I’ll ride to places you’ve only dreamed of without crabon. Or not. Either/or is okayfine with me.

  19. @joethedouchebag: this is of course a virtual world, so even a limp dick piece of shit cocksucker like yourself can say anything they want with supposed impunity. But let me say this: My name is Tim Joe Comstock. I post at Trailer Park Cyclist. I am a real, live, breathing steel-riding cyclist who comes here for the honored company of my fellow riders but you ain’t one of them; You have more than once insulted my friend Judi in terms that go beyond getting your ass kicked; you mother fucker, if you ever make your fat-assed way into my company I will promise you this: only one of us will walk away.

  20. In fact, I ain’t done. JOE. You fake bad ass pussy. I will meet you on your own ground. Post up a local address where you want to meet and I will hitchhike or ride a bus or otherwise get to you and kick your sad ass wherever it is. Or, come on down and meet up with me on my turf. What better place to get your ass kicked than the Daytona Beach Band Shell?

    You motherfucker. C’mon. Bring it. I hate you. That ain’t a safe place to be.

  21. Son, you don’t scare me. Now THAT really ain’t a safe place to be.

    Oh, and not that your welfare check will pay the bus fare, but I’ll meet you at mile 124.5 on the C&O canal. After 1700 local or on a weekend because (unlike you) I work for a living.

  22. You are such a pussy. Coordinates? I live on an easily located trailer park on the side of the highway in Volusia County. You fucking faggot fake, drop out of this fight. Better yet, drag your sorry ass on down here and get your ass kicked fair and square. You are not worthy.

    I hate you, Joe. That’s a big difference from being mad at you.

    I Hate You.


  23. Ain’t goin’ nowhere, sweetcheeks. Unlike you, I own my little slice of heaven.

    So when’s the big day?

  24. Joe, I want to apologize. I was typing while drinking. You are by far the most intelligent and erudite person posting on this site. The fact that I am going to blow my brains out just after this post is

  25. Yeah, well, it’s the day after and now I have another reason for my self-loathing; I let a troll sucker me in once again. It has only happened once before, but even once is reason enough to stop being an intertard dweeb. Ain’t it bad enough that I am an incurable bicycle dork?

    Joe, ya got me. Congratulations. But once again, I have to say this: you spew your fake John Wayne right-wing buffoonery and in the next breath you show disrespect to a woman. That ain’t American. Judi runs a damn fine Blog; she races bicycles and does community service and fights a good fight and bares her soul for all to see and she conducts herself in a far more gentlemanly manner than I have ever seen from you.

    She is ten times the man you are and she is a woman. She doesn’t need me to stand up for her and in fact I am reasonably certain she would kick your crusty ass in a face to face at any time and any place.

    Judi, I apologize for dragging you into this but where I come from we treat even the low-down ladies with respect; but you are not low-down, you are an ass-kickin’ role model and Joe: You ain’t shit.

  26. TPC, no worries. we all lose our shit from time to time. my skin is thick, i can handle the cruel comments on this site. people like you keep me posting though, so thanks guy. XXOO!

  27. Judii,
    You know we can hook you up with a test ride, as a matter of fact, we could prolly loan you one for a week or so to test ride it, as long as you write about it afterwards. As far as the Carbon Fiber, Steel debate goes, We all love our bikes for what ever reasons we choose, thats what being an individual is all about. Bamboo bikes are just out there to give people one more choice. As far as building a bike, The process of building one of these and / or riding one is Zen in itself, and that perhaps is reason enough.

  28. Side note… I am not affiliated with Ozone Cyclery, Daniel just helped us build our project bike which turned out great.

  29. @Cat6— seen, brother. My 22# steel bike is my winter/rain bike, disc brakes, big ol’ 30C tars and such like. I’ve ridden and owned lighter steel bikes. Aesthetically, there are some real beauties out there.

    Frame weight is only one of several advantages to carbon. It’s stiff where it counts and compliant where it counts.

    I’m still pretty sure The Trophy Bike rides, and specifically, climbs better than those steelies. I know for a stone-cold fact that *I* climb better on carbon than steel. I’ve ridden these same hills for years and years on all sorts of two-wheeled contraptions.

    I’m pretty sure most of the readers of this fine web log climb faster than me. I’m a busted-up old “never was.” Never the less, I loves me some Trophy Bike. We rolled about 100 miles this weekend and we’ll get a few more before I disappear into the desert on Wednesday.

  30. Been reading DC for a few years now; never felt like chiming in, but I’m genuinely disappointed in this latest trend in trollery.

    Joe, this is not your house.

    You’ve invited yourself to the party.

    You are disrespecting your hosts and their guests.

    This is a lack of class, a lack of character, and contradicts the old-fashioned American values you claim.

  31. @54

    My Man, (or Woman, or non gender specific individual if you’d prefer),

    Awesome.to the point.post.

    Welcome & don’t disappear back into the web now, stay & enjoy the party.

  32. The trollery is unfortunate, because this is a pretty decent site. Judii, see you around the school yard, and gimme a call about that bike!
    BTW the tandem looks awesome, cant wait for Thursday night!

  33. @jaded – if it doesn’t rain, we are bringing the tandem to open shop tomorrow, so be there. as of right now, D is scheduled to work thur nite so we may not be riding. see ya soon.

  34. I knew this post had potential when it featured not just one but two pissing contests both featuring Joethe(fillintheblank).

    I am saving up for a bamboo frame for my pet panda. It might be a good stress test for the frame to see how much gnawing by a panda one of these frames can take before it disintegrates.

    I like turtles but I really fuckin’ love pandas. Your comments can help buy a panda a bamboo frame. I’m thinking about 1,000 comments will do it.

    joethepandalover could easily contribute 900 comments by himself if we can just piss him off. Ok, I’ll start. Joe, we know you’re secretly gay for Obama.

  35. I’ll bet that panda climbs faster on a crabon/crabon bike. Just sayin’.

  36. You’re right, Mikey, crabon is faster. But tastier? I don’t think so.

    Think of the marketing possibilities. A frame you can ride and eat. Get fit AND have a tasty meal while you’re pounding out the miles.

    Bamboo frames approved by pandas.

    Hey Mister Panda, “how do you like that bamboo frame?”
    Panda: “Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom”

  37. @63/64— damn, you can’t make this shit up.

    I’ve been reading how plains indians’ ponies subsisted on cottonwood bark to the amazement of Virginia plantation gentlemen (Lewis & Clark). Perhaps pandas riding bamboo bicycles— possibly teamed with turtles— might be the ascendant species on the planet. I bow down to my furry, black-and-white, carapaced masters.

  38. @65

    Because I’m a seeker of knowledge, (AKA bored), & fluent in Google, I discovered that Pandas are Mountain Bikers, because:

    Their common habitat is a damp coniferous forest

    Whoohoo, them Flag trolls are going to freak when DC jersey-wearing Pandas nail those sweet trails.

    More facts here:


    Let the Pandamonium ensue..

  39. And, no, I didn’t leave out an ‘a’ in #67.

    Pandas come from China, I’m was practicing my Pandasian.

  40. You guys are the shit. The last eight comments made reading through all the dick-jerking in this post more than worth it!

  41. And you Rhys are #69. Good Job! Double entendres aside that means only 930 more comments to help feed the starving pandas.

  42. Ah yes, Van Halen. They popularized the song “Where have all the good times gone” written by Ray Davies of The Kinks.

    However the Kinks version is still best

    For da yutes, 2nd best version is Supergrass. Gaz Coombes puts that introvert Diamond Dave to shame. Boy can sing.

    Mitt Romney, that crazy ass bitch, is gonna use this song as his campaign theme song. If Ray Davies finds out, I’ll bet he’ll jam the machine of his guitar up Romney’s tight Mormon ass. That oughta loosen him up

  43. @55 – I’m the lurker from 54, and thanks for the respect. A man, yes; an American residing in BC. Glad to see things taking a turn for the positive.

    Speaking of Gilman St, lemme throw another one into the mix:


    A long day of wrenching makes music and Strongbow extra-tasty…

  44. @80 I’d buy that. They’re both pop-punk.

    Operation Ivy and Rancid sound similar because both Tim Armstrong (no relation to Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day) and Matt Freeman formed Rancid when OI broke up.

  45. VH pretty much put punk out of business. Right out of the backyard and better, louder, faster, funner than bands like the Clash who had too little talent and showmanship and too much silly save the world bullshit. The Clash was DLR’s personal whipping boy. Henry Rollins will tell you about VH and DLR. He was blown away by them and still worships them.

    DLR was a DC…

  46. Rollins looked like a hippie who just hopped out of a hot tub.

    A fan of the Clash said he liked them because “They’re not fat, bald, aging hippies in hot tubs.” Joe Strummer might have agreed but the interesting thing is Joe was basically a hippie at heart. He cared about people not stardom although “Woody” had a healthy ego.

    One from the only band that matters. This has fuck all to do with pandas or bamboo frames. One of the best shots of a seething, roiling, pogoing crowd I’ve ever seen.


  47. @Hack With all due respect, I don’t think VH put punk out of business. Punk self-destructed from it’s own contradictions and limitations.

    Eddie VH was a prodigy and DLR was the perfect foil for Eddie’s pyrotechnics. Hardcore and hard rock like VH owed punk a debt even though they might not want to admit it.

    I’ll have to check out what Hank has to say about VH.

  48. You want Punk, I’ll give you punk!


    This is Fokofpolisekar!

    Translated, Fuck off Police car.

    An Afrikaans South African band that blew all the taboos.

    Bear in mind that when they started, you were guaranteed a good beating from the police & a good chewing from a police dog if you stepped out of line.

  49. @jefe I was being sarcastic with the “only band that matters” reference which was the record label’s way of hyping the Clash. A lot of punk bands never progressed past their initial fascination with the energy and snottiness.

    X is the most underrated American band of that era. No band consistently epitomized what was going on in America at that time. Too bad more people weren’t paying attention.


    Bad Brains. I like the comment “Almost 30 years, and? nobody has come close.”


  50. How about..


    Basic translation is Burn South Africa.

    A bit of background, during WW1 & WW2 there was a lot of opposition to South African involvement.

    As the song alludes, the Ossewa brandwag, (which were a opposition group), blew up the springs Post office because they were opposed to Our involvement to the war.

    My Dad lied about his age & fought in North Africa & Italy, he was fucking awesome.

  51. …cap’n tony…re: X…‘john doe’ is my neighbor…like ‘house across the street’ neighbor…he & his lady ride bikes around town on occasion…

  52. @BGW you have an honest to God celebrity rock star as a neighbor. From what I’ve seen of John Doe over the years, I bet he’s down to earth and not so taken with himself. He’s a guy I’d like to have a beer with.

    I once saw Steven Tyler of Aerosmith in a chopping mall. Dude looks like a lady. A wrinkled, crinkled, scary old as fuck pruneface lady. Like Keith Richards. That kinda scary.

    A friend of mine once saw Bono of U2 and asked for an autograph. Problem was he pronounced the great ones name “Boner”. The Dublin Messiah quickly corrected him, “It’s Bohnoe” and stormed off. Paul David Hewson is a wanker and thinks his shit smells like roses.

    I once lived next to a guy who played bongos in the subway for spare change. He was a minor celebrity, I think.

  53. …cap’n tony…john doe is an absolutely ‘down to earth’ guy…i’m actually surrounded by excellent musicians who are all just kinda low key neighbor types…

    …guy named micheal bluestein lives across the road on the other side…plays amazing jazz, fusion & r&b electric piano…when he’s home, you can catch him down at one of the local dive bars playing some great hot blooded music with his group of music pals but his day job is touring & playing keyboards with mick jones & foreigner…

    …the original here in our little ‘hood is my friend dave getz, the drummer with big brother & the holding company, janis joplin’s band…he & his wife joanie, who’s a great ‘old standards’ jazz vocalist in her own right, are as down to earth as you could ever imagine…

    …walk out around here & you might be chatting about the weather, somebody’s car situation, pets, tree trimming or ya, even music…pretty cool…

  54. Ahh the left coast. i was born on the wrong coast. I assume you live in the Bay area. One of my favorite places in America. If only I could afford to live there. I barely keep my head above water here in Taxachusetts

  55. …just about 15mi north-west of the golden gate bridge…i can’t ‘afford’ to live here either but i’ve been here for 44 years, so i find a way…it’s too beautiful here not to…

    …as a small kid, i was raised in a remote northern ontario town of 250 people with no road into it…at that time, in the early ’50’s, you came & left by train or small bush plane that landed on the lake (ski’s in winter, pontoons in summer)…we had no tv but the radio & ‘life’ magazine made me realize there was more out there than what i could see from the porch & even as a kid, i knew i hadda get out & see it…

    …while it sounds somewhat ideal nowadays, it was pretty restricting back then…