Tuesdays with Dirty: My Whiskey

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There isn’t much left to be said about this year’s installment of the Whiskey Off Road that hasn’t already been said. I picked Cupcake up at the airport on Thursday night and we set out on a mission to Prescott. We were armed with nothing but a keg of beer, a couple gallons of whiskey, and some bikes. We didn’t know exactly where we were sleeping and we didn’t know who we would run into. But we did know that we were going to have a whole lot of fun. 

We teamed up with the crew from Sunday Cycles and made one of the most kick ass “aid” stations I have ever witnessed. By the time the middle of the pack rolled through on Saturday, it was a legitimate party on the side of the mountain. A big thanks to Sunday and our friends at Boulders on Broadway for their help. We couldn’t have had such a rocking time without you guys.

I put together a bunch of video clips from the weekend in an attempt to sum up what it was like from my perspective. I hope you dig it.

I can’t say enough about how cool the Whiskey weekend is. I look forward to it every year. To me, it’s a model of how mountain biking events can and should be. I have never witnessed a town so welcoming to thousands of dumb mountain bikers than Prescott, Arizona. Thanks to Epic Rides and everybody that makes this weekend possible. See you next year!

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23 Replies to “Tuesdays with Dirty: My Whiskey”

  1. Gorilla splits some of the best shit in the world. Fuck man. Fuck. Gorilla splits handoff? You gotta be shitting me!!

  2. Me thinks we gave out four gallons o whisker that fine day. Good on us!

  3. If I were to get hip to the idea of doing the Whiskey, it wouldn’t be due to that sexy ass singletrack… it’d be because of you fucking ballers.

  4. My take on the video, The good: Uncle Tupelo, singletrack, people on bikes drinking whiskey. The not good: Red Stag isn’t whiskey. I will make the Whiskey one day. I will bring the whiskey.

    Budget tip: Old Grand-dad is the same mash bill as Basil Hayden, just not aged as long. Basil Hayden = $35+/750ml. Old Grand-dad = $14/L. Perfect for an event such as this.

  5. I have not touched spirits in 35 years but please tell me that those were not plastic bottles that the whiskey was in because that is so wrong..

  6. I’m thinking the plastic was a Nalgene flask, so it was likely, lovingly decanted from it’s glass home of origin, into that very high grade version of plastic.

    Gorilla splits? Now I can die, I’ve seen it all….

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  8. Every year I say that I am not going to drink the night before the race…and every year I am racing hungover. Not the race to be handycapping yourself on.

    El Jefe, thanks for the 2 cents, but it is a bike race. You cannot taste the quality after a 4000 ft climb, it is about killing the pain.

    Pappy Van Winkles?

  9. when Kid Dick pulled those bottles of Red Stag out of his cooler I cringed…i hate that shit. But much to my surprise, people kept telling us how refreshing the ice cold Cinnamon whiskey shots were…even after that 12 ish mile climb…I stuck with the Beam. Jim is my homebody

    and yes, it was a Nalgene flask. One of the best pieces of gear ever invented

  10. the only caveat when using nalgene to store likker is don’t use soap to wash the flask, just rinse and dry it. You’re golden.

  11. to elaborate on my above post, 3 historic buildings on Whiskey Row were lost to fire last night.

  12. I missed the flask but the beers provided the perfect flow back down to the Row.
    Many thanks from one of the many that profited from your services!

  13. El Hefe,

    My sons name is Hayden, three guesses where I got the idea. The first tow don’t count. I’ll have to revisit the Old Grand Dad now that I’m on a budget. GOod to know, I think.

  14. They are both Beam, Inc. products at this point. The recipes are supposedly the same (heavy on the rye, enough corn to make it a bourbon, and a little barley, maybe some wheat… you know, trade secrets) BH is aged 8 yrs and bottled at 80 proof. OGD is bottled at 86 proof (also available in Bottled in Bond 100 proof and 114 proof). It’s probably aged 4-6 yrs. I’ve had them side by side. Yes, BH is better, but it’s not 2.5 times better.

    Holden, OGD86 is cheaper than Red Stag… It’s not snobbery, it’s value (and a desire to not have Kid Rock poison me). Life’s too short to drink bad booze.

  15. Alright then! I am abandoning this overseas thing and moving to So Cal this summer, so I’ll be close enough to hit this thing next year. You shall offer me beverages, I swear it! Nice group of people. Very nice indeed.

  16. Thanks for the hand up! Best line in the vid – right at the end – asking the cop if he has enough Whiskey…you have it? “No” hahahahahaahahh