Spring riding in Flagstaff

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Had a tasty 30+ mile MTB ride here in Flag the other day. Would have made it longer but to quote my friend The M.A.F.E. “my sauce was pretty weak”. The trails here have become rideable so early it still looks like Fall out there. Hardly any leaves and lots of wind and clouds in the sky.

I have been wanting to get on to dirt as close to my house as possible and now that the Flagstaff Loop Trail  runs across the urban trail from Thorpe Park (right by my house) it is possible to not only ride dirt but a fun single track as well. I recorded the track with my iPhone but forgot to start it until was a few miles into the ride. Check it out here if you care to. If you follow the link for the loop trail you will see a link to an interactive map of the whole thing. Next time when I get to Snowbowl road I plan to hook left and ride up to Friedland Prarie Road and over to the new ‘Twisted Sister’ trail. That will make for a close to 40 mile ride.

I’ll leave you with a couple of photos. Take it deep.



AZT signpost
Unbelievable trail ahead


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10 Replies to “Spring riding in Flagstaff”

  1. Things have come a long way since I lived there in the early 2000’s,,,Got to go do some riding last spring and am so impressed with the way trails are all linking and hooking up..
    I have said a number of times if I could I would move back in a heart beat.. Enjoy.. And Party ON!!!


    Now every spore in creation is going to know that we have killer trails here & they are going to come here & clog them up with their killer bikes & they will embarrass us because they can actually ride them & our girl friends will be like “why can’t you ride like that?” & “Hey, why don’t they fall over as much as you do?” & worst of all we won’t be able to get into Alpine Pizza because they will be taking all the seats & they’ll make fun of us & we’ll be forced to go to New Jersey Pizza because we’re too cool for Fratellis (plus D2 will probably be there).

    Fuck man,


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  4. Hurben, I just launched a small amount of soda out my nose reading your post. Wow is all I got, WOW! You win!!!

  5. Ahhh, Flagstaff. I remember when you couldn’t even find certain trails unless you could hang with the group riding to the trail. I’m gonna cry. Here’s why: Just when I thought our trails were starting to mature, we’re now battling “horse tours” because our trails became so popular. Pound fist.