It’s time.

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It’s weekend time. Spring is in the air and I wish you all miles of glorious pavement and dirt beneath your tires! Here are a couple of tidbits from my inbox to help get this weekend started right:

Thanks to Oli for passing that one along. Those kids down in New Zealand sure do know how to fill a jersey. Check out his blog, it’s good stuff.

Here is a little web edit from our friend Devon.  It makes me want to hit up the skatepark right after work. (well, right after happy hour). He was even nice enough to mention DC at the end of the video. Smooth riding with a chill vibe…Nice and Smooth

* You can follow Devon’s facebook if you want some regular updates of great images

Keep it dirty…

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single women and single malt. Currently in Carbondale, CO Follow on Instagram @dirty_biker

12 Replies to “It’s time.”

  1. sitting here con beer hoping like hell that the next post doesn’t isn’t D2’s plumber’s crack

  2. Yes, good advice D2. The way the beers are going down tonight things might get blurry to the unfortunate point of your crack passing for cleavage.

    On another note, I will be rooting for Boonen this weekend. I think someone commented that his win at Flanders shows what somoene with monster talent can do when they get off the blow. Here is what someone of otherworldly talent (EVH) can do in their late 50’s when they get off the sauce and get the family back together.

  3. My crack is just hairy enough that I think you’d notice the difference, but I understand how the world can take on a funny edge whilst drinking. I’ll spare you the crack for now.

  4. No worries D2 – was rollin along pretty good there for a while but per usual the wife and kid threw down the spike strip and shitcanned my fun

  5. Hack, that Van What’s-its-name video did nothing but break my heart. Poor Diamond Dave’s lobotomy obviously went wrong and Eddy might as well have stayed on the sauce. I now propose a Mandatory Retirement Law for all rockers over the age of thirty.

    They say Rock is dead and maybe it is. It can live on in our hearts and spirit (and crappy radio) but it is a damnable insult to what rock is/was that old farts like that can get paid to go onstage and violate the very principles of this our Rock n Roll Nation.

    This is what ya get when I type at 1:30 a.m. and the rum bottle is empty.

  6. kings of leon are in my book, a damn good reason why i’d never say “rock is dead”

    …fucking melvins are another reason…

    …i’m so far from being a kid & my tastes in music run a fuller gamut than most people could ever imagine but i’ve never, ever lost the sheer fucking joy i find in good hard rock music whether it’s the older greats (use your imagination) to bands like kings of leon who in my book, keep it alive…

    …fuck that ‘rock is dead’ shit…