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18 Replies to “Burley – go big or go home.”

  1. Holy crap that is insane. That dude is a freaking athlete! He makes some of those parkour? (whatever it’s called) guys look lame. Sweet!!

  2. 2:12 – 2:15 I just learned that this year..took me like five times to get it dialed.

  3. This falls under the category of “would not have believed it was possible had I not seen it”. He makes that shit look *easy* – amazing bike handling skills.

  4. As a member of the GHGB Society (Gray hair going bald) I am incenssed that our acrobatics of grocery shopping and commuting were not represented in that short clip. Even now my wife beats me on the arm to resurrect myself at 50. 20″ wheels and a freewheel she says. I say poo. I’ll stick to my long frame touring bike, avoid the broken hip and sit quietly in the basement sobbing over the loss of my youth.

  5. I thought that this video was going to feature child trailers. That should be the next level, really – trials moves with your toddler in tow.

  6. …c’mon…that’s not even cycling at that point…

    …that’s like the most insane infrastructural gymnastics imaginable & it’s even more crazy & dangerous because he utilizes a bike…

    …the sport where they leap around using stairs & building & whatnot becomes weak sauce compared to this…

    …props to ‘black bike dude’ for for being ‘beyond the beyond’…we’re seen some awesome infrastructural shit before but i honestly think this cat takes the cake…

  7. Danny Mac just shat his knickers. That was beyond the beyond. I consider myself insane but I was almost afraid to keep looking at one point. How the hell does that work? Anti-gravity?
    I would never try to upstage my friend J but has THIS video been posted here before?


    Not as Cirque but almost like something I would do if I was 100 years younger and swaddled in a mattress. An example of the proper use of gravity.

  8. Indy, Indy, Indy…(may I call you Indy?) Your clip HAD NO DOG! It was rad and cool but without a dog, it is, sadly, Only Another Downhill. Ya gotta have a dog if you want to make it to Sundance.

    As for as Captain Macaskill, I withdraw my remarks. There can be only one King. But the Blackster’s sharp edges left me cringing. Femur hurts.