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You know what I love about the bike? The wheels. Because no matter what, they keep on rolling. That is unless you pull a Mark Cavendish or ride Mavic

And as goes life. Days come and go in the blink of an eye. So many things happening at once it’s hard to absorb the actual “life” within a life. You know, the scent of spring, the fluffy white formations in the sky, the simple things that get no attention anymore.  The bike gives us the feeling of movement generated from our own power systems. Feeling the strain of leg muscles pushing and pulling on the pedals connected to the chain that drives to turn the wheels. The wheels that keep on rolling.

The miles bring elixir to life. Getting way more out of it than a blink of an eye. Feeling free from constraint and open to opportunity. Take a left for an adventure, a right for the guided route, or keep heading straight for that timeless ride that helps you extinguish the burden and bring back the rhythm.

The wheels that keep on rolling resemble the relentless force of time as the minutes tick by. What was monumental yesterday builds to something greater or is forgotten in the wave of youth. The changing times bring focus to an adaptable breed. Those who take things for a grain of salt…plus a slice of lemon…and a shot of tequila. The thick skin of a desert rider will be the one who thrives in the competitiveness of man.

The wheels that keep on rolling is life. Life is a wheel. It hits a bump, but it keeps on going. The bumps might wear you down, but there are always new spokes to be laced, new rubber to be glued, and more air to put into the tires. This life keeps going with all it’s burden and the only thing that can stop you is a dumb move or a bad product.

Happy Radurday!


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7 Replies to “Wheels”

  1. Cup Cake.
    that’s a zipp wheel that Cav is breaking down. Not a Mavic.
    Highroad that year couldnt work out a wheel deal so they just bought zipps and took the stickers off and then put highroad stickers on there. Attention to detail my furry friend.


  2. Snake,

    You are wise beyond your years, however in this case, the Cav link and Mavic link are not in correlation. Simply, I was just offering two reasons why your wheel may stop rolling: one, you were Cav on that particular day, or two, you were tied up in the Mavic R-Sys shenanigans.

    Yours forever,


  3. My experience in such matters is limited, but I have run the same MA3s on Suzues for seven years on like five different frames. No worries. Not one. Not ever. But I’ll not touch crabon with a barge pole. Even if I could afford it and trusted it, I carry thirty extra pounds of Joe with me. That would have to go before “weight weenie” was anything other than a bad joke.