About to crash into the weekend

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The other day, Gnome, Big Kitchen, and myself  spent some time catching up and sitting in a driveway sipping some beers. We shot the shit about everything from bikes, to life, and the evolution of  this site.  We exchanged some great ideas and the stoke was high. I know I can probably speak for everybody when I say that we are all happy to see Jonny back here in the mix. We missed ya, brother.

One of the things we talked about was this video:

We couldn’t be more proud to see a bunch of Arizona boys going to L.A. and taking the win.

This one is just for the hell of it :

YouTube Preview Image

The weekend is here just in the nick of time. This week kicked me in the junk. The next four days ahead of me are wide open and my only goal is to ride every single bike I own. To start it off, I’m about to go grab a 40oz and my BMX bike then bump around town to some of my favorite street spots. I think it’s going to be a wonderful night.

Enjoy the weekend. Enjoy the ride.

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11 Replies to “About to crash into the weekend”

  1. Yeah!!!!!! The Hustle is no joke. That ride puts the fear of everything into my fat ass. The wreck film was freaking me out. I ‘ve been playing with the idea of getting on a 24″ Dj/Urban bike and that just made me a little hesitant. But in the words of so many in the bike world I shall “HTFU and pedal”.

  2. No we can’t, rogbie. And I wish it were different, believe me. But I’m 60 years old, and I’ve forgotten more about pain and fear and regret than you are likely to know for (hopefully, and from my heart) a very long time.

  3. Sparky +1

    I wish it were different but we are so fucking stupid that we don’t learn by our past mistakes.

    So we’re condemned to repeat them.

  4. Well, old guys have to be realistic. Keep in mind, that was Mat Hoffman (among others) in that video. No one expects a 60 year old to do decades, triple whips, and flairs. But that should in no way stop anyone from, at least, attempting to ride some dirt jumps or at the local park, if they’re interested in it.

    Of course, you can’t; if you never have.

  5. Oh that second vid looks painful. Those are some tough youngsters going for glory; fun stuff!

  6. Give me a forty acre foam pit and I might be up for it. Ain’t breakin’ no more bones if I can help it.

  7. that video was fucking perfect. i was glad to see so many dudes getting their tab handed to them by that little fucking sidewalk rail. i’d pay up on that little joint all day, limp wrists and all.

    cheers, boys. sorry i couldn’t make the meeting.