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18 Replies to “Moose Knuckle Monday”

  1. Isn’t that a camel toe. I have always been under the impression that a moose knuckle is the male equivalent of the camel toe. so that makes “shim” a tranny?

  2. After 16 yrs of marriage, things like that still make my manhood twitch, sorry honey.

  3. Really, it’s the juxtaposition of Hot Wheels advertising (harkening back to innocent days of childhood) and the overtly sexual nature of the model that makes this picture so interesting. Artful really. I hardly even noticed the bulging camel toe.

  4. …girl looks like she could use some ‘chapstick’ on those lips…

    …top n’ bottom…

  5. Shouldn’t we be speaking of a different animal in this circumstance? Just wondering.