Sum dancing and winning..

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After watching this today, I have found a spot in my cave heart to go ride a bicycle.

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Since us DC folks love us some fast women, here’s one taking the win all the way.

taking it down to the last bubble
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I am... Caveman. Spokane, Washington, USA

18 Replies to “Sum dancing and winning..”

  1. …i thought “…how did cave get a video of me trippin’ ???”

    …then i remembered, i don’t look anything like that, i’m not ‘into’ hip-hop, i couldn’t come close to dancing like that, i don’t live in &/or haven’t visited nyc in years & so, shit, that definitely ain’t me…

    …impressive street ‘art’ though & it’s interesting to watch peoples reaction or lack thereof, to this cat’s moves…

    …limber muthafucka…

  2. That was ridiculous. Talk about being talented. DC has rapidly become my favorite website.

  3. This is ridiculous is right, but wrong. There wasn’t a bike in that whole video, just some breakass jackdancing. This website used to be bikes boobs and beer, and now it’s this? Take it somewhere else. If your cave heart, whatever that is, doesn’t have a bike in it, then you better get one. This is spew.

  4. Did you not scroll down the rest of the page? There is some frame building, an interview with a 24hr winner, a hot chick holding D2’s bike, Evel Knievel, some spring classics commentary, camel toe on a podium…oh man, how the site has fallen. It’s OK to mix it up. Isn’t it?

  5. The video was a very cool freak show.

    The woman in the pic, I would kill all of you to marry her.

    Just saying…

  6. …gotta say…triple t just has such an eloquent way when he’s talking up the ladies, ya ???…

  7. I did scroll down, dirty biker, and I commented accordingly. I wasn’t referring to those posts, those are fine; those are what I come here to see. It’s caveman here that has been posting spew that belongs on his facebook page for his fruitcake friends to oogle at. Mix it up, but keep it DC; with emphasis on the C. I’ve been witness to the pros and cons of going wordpress, and this just precipitated a response out of me. If it comes out harsh, it’s because I prefer the evil blackmarket punkrockaction of bike culture. You can keep your non-bike related pop-culture posts unless, like I said, it’s outtasight cool, which this is not. Just sprinkle some bike stuff in for good measure. rightonpissoffwordupgetdown.

  8. “Maaaannn, this site used to be about bikes, boobs, and beers.”

    I love when people say that.

    As though you can’t possibly scroll down and see/read about all three.

    Scrolling is sooooo 2011.

  9. Nate, you just proved to me and the rest of us dc folks you don’t have fucking clue there princess. Pull those compassion socks up and take a hike else were, I bet you are just on the wrong DC site.

  10. I prefer diversity.
    And with so many Contributors, diversity is to be expected.
    So yeah, maybe Nate is on the wrong DC site.
    Suck it.

  11. I’m not hating on DC, but that video was just wack. Everything else is way cool.

  12. “kick.ass. thanks caveman….mix it up at will.”

    Mike is righteous.

    Keep on keeping on Caveman.

  13. That’s a great vid, I wish I could breakdance, but all I can do is try to dance, and then break things. I guess I’ll just hold the boombox while these little skinny dudes spin around on the ground.

  14. @Keith

    If either one of us tried that shit, we’d break 1/2 our bones and 1/2 the country.

    Hmmmm…..maybe ??

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