Micro-manage this lil street rod action…

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How about this? My real life friend used his email device to get this to me just a few secs ago, Thanks Kemp.

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15 Replies to “Micro-manage this lil street rod action…”

  1. …what ???…how dare you, caveman ???…

    …this isn’t drunktricyclist, dammit…

    ..the editorial content of this site is plunging faster than, well, ummm, one of those really cool tricycles…

    …hmmm, that does look like fun, doesn’t it ???…

  2. That was rad. Your smartassm is misplaced there bikesgonewild. It’s like when the hippie kids told me to stop dancing (read as moshing) at a Primus concert recently. When I go to a Primus concert I mosh like it’s 1993. It’s the only time that a hippie has probably ever told someone to stop dancing. I just calls ’em as I see’s ’em.

  3. I’m too old and fat to ride a bigwheel.

    Very cool to see tho.


    Primus sucked. You listen to that shit ??

    Dude, you’re fucked up.

  4. …primus used to practice in my friends studio in san rafael & he’d engineer the sessions…

  5. They’re pretty much my favorite band of all time. It’s funny, the new generation of Les Claypool fans who don’t know how to behave at a big rock show. Luckily there were plenty of us older fans to stir things up. It ruffled some feathers. Anyways, don’t go to a Primus show if you’re not prepared to move with the groove. and I mean move, not just standing there wiggling a little; you might get shoved.

  6. funny how a video on riding big wheels devolved into a convo about Primus. speaking of old punk rockers , going to see Rollins doing some spoken word ranting sta sera……

    but no shoes? really?

    woulda loved to see him high side it..

    just saying!

  7. Henry Rollins might be alot of things, but I doubt he will ever be old.

  8. Just watched this vid again.


    But saddle sushi is right.

    No shoes ??

    Fucktard all the way.

  9. I ate Chinese food with the drummer from the F.U.s last night. That’s punk.

  10. this video is still rad after viewing it multiple times here and at some other sites a day or so behind DC. I had the pleasure of seeing Rollins on the ‘Weight’ album tour with Sausage (the original primus lineup) and Helmet; 1994. That was a big rock show. Rollins was badass.