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25 Replies to “Happy Valentine’s Day, Ladies”

  1. …the funniest thing was hearing the ‘clanking’ sounds that you never hear with bikes designed for the purpose…

  2. Fan-freaking-tastic. Saddle Sushi is right. It’s really not about the bike. Cancer Jesus ain’t got nuttin’ on that guy.

    PS- I have a total man-crush now.

    PPS- You had me at “Highway to Hell.” YOU HAD ME AT “HIGHWAY TO HELL!”

  3. @Gypsy

    “You had me at “Highway to Hell.” ??????

    You peckerhead.

    I snorted a Coke out on nose on this.

    I am soooooo gonna use it.


  4. you guys with the whole “not about the bike” angle — you wouldn’t be saying that if he were walking or on a razor scooter. you would be saying shit like “where is his bike, this is not drunkrazorscooting or drunkwalking.com”. i’m just saying.

  5. Do try to pay attention here. There are “bikes”, and there are “not bikes”. The former will always have a place on these hallowed boards. The latter, not so much.

    Now run along. You wouldn’t want to miss the short bus now, would you? Just run along. There’s a good fellow.

  6. okay all you ‘it’s not about the hike’ dorks, don’t be sayin that shit where The Trophy Bike can hear you. She’e precious and IT’S ALL ABOUT THE TROPHY BIKE.

  7. My bikes are not trophies. They are tools. They know their purpose, and they know their place.

  8. …el gnomero is correctomundo…dudn’t matter your ability, your fitness level, your bike or your excuses (i speak only of my own), it’s all about the RIDE…