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14 Replies to “Video for the Weekend”

  1. Like, when was the day when someone was just like, “yeah, you know that wheelie you just pulled? That ain’t shit.” And would all this exist without the internet? HOT DAMN!!!!

  2. Those bikes sure are little.

    There were some BMXers in Flagstaff that could shred like you wouldn’t believe. None of ’em wore helmets until one of them had a kid. Then all of a sudden helmets started getting fashionable. Go figure.

  3. @D2

    It’s called the moment that you realise that it’s not about you anymore.

    I used to do all kinds of insane shit until my daughter was born, Motocross, Enduros, jumping out of planes, free climbing & then it hit me that I had responsibilities so I flagged all of that.

    A friend said that it was the moment that you realise that you’d become your father, in my case that was never going to happen but I accept what he was saying.

  4. No doubt. More chops than I’ll ever have, even without these brittle-assed old bones. But gawd DAYUM, I hate me some motor. Maybe some day there’ll be a means of propulsion that does away with the noise and the stank. Doubt I’ll ever live to see it though. Too many people getting rich off shit that was obsolete 50 years ago. Meantime, if you’re gonna post vids with alotta “vroom vroom, braddadadda”, howzabout ya warn a feller? Cripes, my head’s still pounding.