Motivation to Ride

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The weather here has been gorgeous. No shoe covers or balaclava necessary. I am talking about 50+ degree temps and full on sunshine! I gotta take advantage now cuz I know that we will experience winter at some point, and soon. It’s inevitable.

Friday I rode an easy 40 miles, solo. Just me and my bike for two and a half hours.

Yesterday I only had a minimal amount of time to ride so I decided to beat myself up a little and do some climbing. This hill is only a few miles from my house and I had never climbed it.

So I did.

Mohican registration is open. I am going for it.

The trails are closed, of course. The Trail Nazis CORA posted this message on Facebook:

“More riders out on muddy trails today. Please spread the word, this is NOT ok and that the trails are maintained by volunteers only without state funding. Please stay off till they freeze.”

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18 Replies to “Motivation to Ride”

  1. CO had a week of 50+ weather, with a top out at 70. Long miles in the winter cannot be beat.

    greg, may I suggest finding a different form of 2 wheeled fun when the trails are not fit for riding, or at least, volunteer to fix some of that poaching damage?

  2. Don’t poach trails when they aren’t in the condition to ride. It makes us all look bad.

    Awesome weather here (central TX). Mid 60°s-70°s. Got a few rides in, then crashed on the singlespeed and stuffed my ribs into a rock and my back into a tree. Here’s to hydrocodone and trying not to laugh.

  3. Yo! What’s up Ohio? no winter??….Same in Maine only high 30’s-Cross is it….shout out to D2 for the DC Sick Stix…will b planted well

  4. Judi — envious! My knees saw the porch thermo reading 29F this morning and they were just not feelin’ it.
    Instead of riding downtown to my synagogue gig, I took the bus.
    Enjoy the riding while you can! Hugs ,B

  5. Won’t be riding anything but the stationary bike in physical therapy until I heal some more. Enjoy it while you can.

  6. Roger: Make sure Orono gets well stickered in my honor! Bring one to Jim at Rose Bike, if you’re so inclined!

  7. I’m hating the non-winter. I’ve spent 55 hours in my truck CHASING what little bit of winter there has been. Drove to CO (from Chicago) on Jan. 1…got 4 days of “meh” boarding in, came home on the 1st. Then left on the 5th for the Upper Peninsula for some snowmobiling…got a couple hundred miles of “meh” riding in…but it was sad seeing all that bare ground that should have been under a couple feet of white goodness.

    In the spirit of rolling with Ma Nature’s punches, I will be riding to work and beyond the next couple days…temps are supposed to hit 50 here as well with lows only in the low 30s for my 5am commute.

    Oh yeah…I’m pretty sure I’ll be hitting up the Mohican as well, Judi.

  8. if i really want some snow, all i have to do is drive 40 minutes to perfect north slopes. fake snow, but snow nonetheless. i can’t ski for shit though, so i will keep enjoying this sunshine for as long as i can.

  9. People are complaining aboot no snow ?

    I say bring on some Global Fucking Warming !!!!!

    Fuck Winter.

  10. I dunno, I skied fast and agressivlye on steep, soft moguls all weekend long, and damn are my legs tight today. My feet are hammered to pulp. Nothing is fucked, dude. You’re being very undude here.