“Pat McQuaid is a dick.”

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I haven’t been keeping up with anything related to women’s racing but I had to share this, since Dirty Biker was kind enough to bring it to my attention. A couple days old, but still worth sharing.

Chloe Hosking used her thrilling win in the Jayco Bay Classic in Geelong as a platform to call for more equality between men’s and women’s cycling. However Hosking also used her post-race interview to insult UCI President Pat McQuaid.

Hosking (Total Rush – Hyster) pounced on her opposition to claim her maiden victory at the traditional Australian season opener, after six years of racing. The 21-year-old who has signed for Specialized – lululemon for 2012 after a solid season with HTC-Highroad, chased down an attack off the front of the bunch by GreenEdge-AIS rival Tiffany Cromwell with three laps remaining to eventually cruise over the finish line, saluting the crowd. The race had been neutralised with five laps to race following a crash, therefore bringing the field back together.

Hosking said that she was never going to win the race any other way.

“I love racing like that, I don’t like really like sitting in and then sprinting,” she explained. “I don’t think it’s great for Australian racing.

“For me, it was really exciting to go out there and show what women’s racing can be like.”

Asked how she felt about comments made by McQuaid regarding the push for a minimum wage within women’s cycling, Hosking was frank.

“What can you say, Pat McQuaid is a d**k,” she said.

The rest of the article is here.

The next day, Cycling News reported that Chloe is working on a formal apology for what she said.

“I have to apologise for how I phrased my comments, I wasn’t that eloquent,” said Hosking in a subsequent statement to reporters post-race in Geelong.

“Women’s cycling every year is getting stronger and stronger,” Hosking said. “It needs to get more recognition and I’m not going to apologise for what I said, but I do apologise for how I said it.”

Bravo Chloe, bravo. Good for you. Stand up for what you believe in. Keep fighting the fight.

Chloe Hosking is harder than you

Image Source – Cyclingnews

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45 Replies to ““Pat McQuaid is a dick.””

  1. Percentage is percentage. Don’t have the numbers? Don’t have the dollars. this whole thing about equality is illogical bullshit. equal payouts for fields half the size? how is that equal? Bleeding hearts wealth redistribution is what it is. Woe the woman on two wheels.

    And this comes from a lover who would equally want to see the women’s and men’s fields of any top level cross race htrow down. But this shit, it’s…it’s just bullshit. There’s no way around it.

    And nevermind the two cents on that moron Chloe Hosking. That dirty bird needs to keep her mouth shut, or filled.

  2. I agree with her first statement. Pat McQuaid IS a dick! I sponsored a womens team 20+ years ago, and see no discernible change since then in how the UCI views womens cycling.

  3. Liz Hatch chimed in in this on Twitter the other. She really needs to keep her mouth shut considering her tits are the only reason she’s where she is today.
    And before Judi pipes up with some inane insult, I’ll point out that in 2009, Miss Hatch received ZERO NRC points as a female pro. ZERO. ZILCH. NADA point NADA!
    Lo and behold, in 2010, she received a fat contract to race in Europe for two years. The new 2012 season found her w/o a deal, so she “retired”.

    And as much as I support bike racing of all shapes and sizes, equal purse at races are horseshit. At big crits, where 75-100 female pros show up, sure, equal pay for equal work.
    At small, weekend, neighborhood crits, which go off every weekend, should the 9 women who bother to show up receive an equal purse to the 50-60 Cat 3s or Masters who are there? Like ManBoobs said, where’s the equality there?

    It’s almost Orwellian. We all equal. Some are just more equal than others.

  4. And the old men once again come out of the woodwork to explain why it is right and proper that the wimen not get equality.
    Must be tough walking around having to protect your balls all the time like that.
    Maybe just maybe if there was equal pay there would be more women interested in competing for it but no the way it always has been is the way it always should be. SO says those on top in any place in the world

  5. +1 dave.

    i talked to an older woman who owns a bike shop here in town last summer about it. women’s pay outs have come a long way since she raced in the 70?s. back then, the women got a case of diet rite cola.

  6. Should men and women receive equal treatment? well, of course – no argument there from me. But Judi, if these sporting ladies want to compete for equal pay, then they should be petitioning for a chance to toe the line with (and beat – or at least finish in the money with) the boys.

    Go to a UCI race — you’ll see lots of exciting sporting. You’ll see lots of hard ladies (and guys) trading elbows with one another. You’ll see, if you’re lucky, Liz Hatch’s boobs. But what you will not see is the ladies going as fast as the guys. Sorry ’bout that, but that’s reality. The disparity may not be fair, but it is real. I don’t hear any ladies requesting for a chance to race against the boys (and many of the local/regional races I’ve been to, the really fast gals would line up with the guys, and steal their lunch money at the end of the day!) – that would be real equality…

  7. Equal opportunity and equal results are two different fucking things.

    Acknowledge and move on.

  8. i say we do whatever it takes to get more women in cycling. Girls are soft and nice to have around. Don’t be a dick. It scares them away

  9. …i’ll let you intellectual giants battle out what’s what & figure out the workload percentages but young miz hosking is certainly right about twos particular things…

    …patty mccquaid IS a dick…

    …& the uci really doesn’t & has never given much of a fuck about women’s bicycle racing…

    …good on ya, aussie girl…sometimes the obvious never gets stated…

  10. false. chloe whomever is not harder than me. she is most certainly fatter than me.

  11. I really enjoy the fact that simple math escapes Dave. If 150 Cat 3 and 4 men show up for a race day, and throw $30 into the pot, and 11 Cat 3 and 4 women show and pay $30, should the women immediately receive 1/2 the money simply because they showed? The guys threw $4500 at the race, and the women threw $330. Sure, bump the payouts up. I have no problem with that, but equal money…no way.
    Now this is going to sound like a qualification, but when there are big dollar, pro-dog, invitation-only race, like the downtown Charlotte NC race, then hells yeah, there should equal pay. Sponsors are throwing that money at the race. Entry fees aren’t propping it up!
    There was equal money last year in Charlotte, and the womens race was a who’s who of top level racers…and it was a fucking RACE.
    Let’s be honest…we’ve all been to a local parking lot crit where there are two good women racers, and 10 women who are just riding around.
    Should they get a payout because they started? In most of these instances, they get a payout that covers their entry fees, which is FAR more than 95% of the men who show up get.

  12. Racing? The only time I ever “race” is when it’s almost supper time and I ain’t home yet. If someone gets in my way, God help ’em, tits or no. Other than that, I got nothin’.

  13. Well, I’ve been coaching and been friends with a ton of female cyclists here on the east coast, and the attitude here is pretty different. It could be because there are a lot more role models here (Liz Reap Carlson, Selene Yeager, Dana Walton, Laura Van Gilder, Michele Bishop, Erin Silliman, etc), but bike racing is bike racing. It doesn’t matter what your genitals look like. I’ve been friends with Liz Hatch for a while, and although she gets a lot of attention for her looks, she loves being on her bike more than most guys do.

    Guys come out to root for the women here as much as the alternate is true. The women definitely deserve to get equal pay-outs for races; it’s not like they are doing any less work in front of smaller crowds.

    So Ol’ Paddy McQ is a dick. I’d love to see him in a sprint against Laura Van Gilder any day.

  14. Liz Hatch (whoever she is) can NO FUCKING WAY love being on a bike more than me.

    I mean if she does, God bless. But I just don’t see any fucking way.

  15. Yeah, Joe. Liz Hatch, and other women, just may love the same sport and lifestyle you do. Don’t feel so threatened. We don’t always pick the sport; sometimes the sport picks us.

  16. …i’m with angryhugo…i know liz from her time here in marin & yep, she gets a lotta press as an attractive woman on a bike but say what you will about liz hatch’s racing prowess, you wad’s oughta be fucking celebrating the fact that women like liz & so many others actually love to get out there on a bike & sweat…

    …it certainly ain’t a gender specific sport & if ya love it, ya love it, irregardless…i’d even suggest it actually legitimizes the activity in the eyes of folks “outside” the sport when they see more & more women enjoying it…

    …don’t forget, as cool as we might think of ourselves on bikes, we’re geeks in the eyes of most folks…that’s a fact…

  17. Same effort = same purse.
    That would make it more worthwhile for more women to race.

    And McQuaid, it appears is a dick. Good on ya Sheila, you tell him.

  18. @20: Don’t get me wrong. I ain’t “threatened” by no one. Fuck, I don’t even race. Truth be told, all the miles I ever rode (but who’s counting?) have been-waddya call ’em? Oh yeah-“junk miles”. I’m about as far from being a racer as a man can get. But hoo-ee, I sure do love me some saddle time.

    Nah, my comment was prompted by a forced hiatus from the bike; one that may continue for another month, maybe more.

  19. RTFA dipshits. This has nothing to do with prize money. It’s about minimum wage for salaried riders on UCI licensed pro teams. Right now, you can’t get a license for a men’s team unless you can pay the riders a minimum salary for the whole season. There’s no such requirement for owners of women’s teams.

  20. +1 art. We aren’t talking grass roots racing here, we’re talking about people who race for a living. If you only pay 10 deep, it doesn’t matter whether 11 racers or 200 show up, the payout is the same. Tie the prize money to the number of UCI points earned for both men and women.

    Chloe Hosking is a moron, though. With statements like that, sponsors are going to drop her and/or her team and move on. Sure, he *is* a dick, but don’t say so in public if you rely on your image to make your paycheck. Same as getting an ugly tattoo on your face.

  21. i have had a conversation with Liz regarding the perception of her boobs doing the work rather than her rankings. what it basically boils down to is this. YOU are the ones infatuated with her boobs and her looks. she would certainly rather be riding than sitting in a room full of you pervs staring at her mammaries hoping to catch a nipple slip. she started racing late and perhaps should have learned better tactics so she could sit in and ride around a while before jumping onto a sprint to get a win. but no. she was a hard one. she wanted to race. to some that means get out there and cause as much pain and suffering as possible to see who’s still standing, NOT sitting in. argue those tactics all you want. but until you ride with liz or have a chat with her and see what is really going on……..you can just sit there and spank it, because trust me. she is harder than you, and smarter than you think.

    having been around professional women racers for quite a few years….most of them are harder than you.

  22. Women’s cycling is becoming more like a strip club. The young ones with the nice T and A make money on the stage and burn out from the scene. The strippers in it for the long haul, work very hard to stay in shape and learn tricks ( this is a pun ) to make money behind a closed doors, on laps, in showers, video, parties and anywhere else money is exchanged for flesh or hand job. Just because a stripper takes her clothes off doesn’t mean they all should get the same tip.

  23. Fuck that – They go out and bust hump just the same no sense in keeping them down because our genitalia is different or they have a bit fewer show up at start line. There isn’t that many SSers, Clydesdales or Fixies but that doesn’t diminish them and their accomplishments either. I say good on her and fuck the UCI

  24. …angrybuddhist…that is liz hatch to a tee…

    …she used to train out here with a friend of mine who is an ex-pro roadie & the hardest part of his job was slowing lizzie down at the start of a training ride…

    …she liked to go balls out, gung ho, attack, attack, attack, right out of the driveway…he was teaching her to warm up & find some form with longer miles…

    …& ya, anybody who doesn’t think liz hatch is a savvy chick is delusional…

    …as far as those who feel the need to denigrate liz or any other women trying to earn a living as a pro cyclist, whether you agree with their perspective of their needs or not, how about constructive criticism instead of the bashing…

  25. …@c.s.mcdonald…it sounds, sir, like you’ve been well supportive of that particular industry for a long time…

    …a voice of authority & reason, ya ???…

  26. I would like to mention here that it would be wise to remember that we are a Patriarchal Society only because that at this point in the evolution of the race the physically strong are still in charge. That will change soon enough and if the planet survives it will be because the (Women, Mothers, Bitches) took over. Does Liz Hatch have nice tits? Fuck yeah! Have the testosterone-powered fuck-heads running the planet done a proper job? Hah! I can’t remember if it was five nuclear disasters or six. Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?

    It ain’t called Father Earth, is it? I can’t wait until women are running things and all us guys have to do is win athletic events and sit around jacking off and pretending we’re in charge.

    Keep stirring the kool-aid Judi. I’ll keep drinking it.

    yer pal, TJ

  27. In many of America’s inner cities the “(Women, Mothers, Bitches)” are already in charge, largely because the welfare state has made strong men obsolete. I think we all know how that worked out.

  28. …you’d really blame that on the ‘welfare state’, huh ???…wow !!!…

    …glad i’m headed to work so i don’t have time to relate to that statement/shit…

  29. I notice that guys like Joe aren’t moving to the projects to enjoy that fine “welfare state” living. Morons.

  30. I’m with Sparky on this one, look at what Margret Thatcher did to the UK & closer to home what Helen Clark did to New Zealand, (& is now doing it to the UN).

    I have no issues with the best person for the job but when you get academic, left wing intellectuals who have never held down a job in the real world in control, you’re on a course for disaster.

  31. Joe comments on EVERY thread and multiple times. When I see his name on a post I skip right on by.

  32. I love how riled up you all get, when it comes to speaking out for equality in women’s racing. You DO know I will never shut up when it comes to this subject. I’ll continue to call out the bastards that deserve it, and praise the ones who DO pay equal purses prizes (Hello, Whiskey’s 30K purse prize!). The women who continue to speak out on this subject are the ones making a fucking difference.

    The comment on strippers makes me sick. I’ve seen so much shit in my life, you have NO fucking clue what the fuck you are talking about. I’m just gonna leave it at that.

    TJ is right – it ain’t called Father Earth for a fucking reason. Women make the world go ’round.

  33. @38,

    Sparky speaks with down home goodness & solid values, (the kind that your country is sadly lacking in lately).

    I often don’t agree with him but by God I’ll defend his right to say it..

  34. Good on ya, Chloe.
    Pat McQuaid is a dick, and congratulations for having the guts to say it like that. Not exactly a career enhancing move, but f*&k that. The UCI is just another FIFA.

  35. @42-And I thought Barry Hussein blaming his predacessor on today’s woes was a bitch move.