Eat this cupcake.

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I go by Cupcake and I like to party. In my past life, I was the German poet famous for writing the Nibelungenlied. I like to ponder the wonders of the world and Christopher Hitchens is a hero of mine. RIP. I met Dirty at a dope bike race, the Whiskey 50. Man that was good shit. It was mile 40, at the Sierra Preita Overlook, I had a busted chainring and my bike took a dump. I saw the gorilla, I was wearing DC threads, the next thing I knew I was “Flintstoning” to the finish line blasted. Thanks to Dirty and Mr. Beam.

I hail from Madison, Wisconsin, the land of cheese and beer. It’s a nice town. Lots of bikes and lots of drunks. Wherever there’s a high proportion of bikes and drunks, especially if those drunks love riding bikes, you can be sure it’s a nice town. You know, with culture, savagery, and vomit. Another place I lived with lots of bikes and drunks was Tucson. For five years it was where I studied skewl, grew a beard, and twiddled my dinkey. I love it out there and consider myself a Tucsonan by blood. Literally, I left liters of it on those trails. I didn’t learn much in class, but I met a guy who taught me plenty about life. He goes by Snake. Snake’s a cool guy. He taught me lots about riding tandems, orgies, and booze. I like to keep things simple in life, you know, less is more, unless it’s beer, or the width of your tires…

You’ll see plenty of fat bike related content from Cupcake during the next few months. He got a new toy and it’s a rainbow death star. You can expect a lot of open ended ramblings too. I hate feeling constrained as a reader so I’ll try my best to keep my writing poles apart from fairytale books that threaten certain actions like getting drunk or having sex.

Full many a wonder is told us in stories old,
of heroes worthy of praise, of hardships dire,
of joy and feasting, of weeping and of wailing;
of the fighting of bold warriors, now ye may hear wonders told.

I’m Cupcake. It’s nice to meet you all.

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About Cupcake

I don’t have a beer gut, I’ve developed a liquid grain storage facility.

11 Replies to “Eat this cupcake.”

  1. Might you be the offspring of my hero, Hunter Thompson “may he rest ripped” Regardless, nice to meet you. Righteous tunes!

  2. a fucking poet!

    ascots, pipe tabacco & a bit o’ long-dicking all around.

    welcome, rambler. welcome.

  3. I am glad to hear from another midwesterner… I live about an hour and a half south of you, just on the other side of the cheese curtain. Spent a little over a year in Madison (early 80’s) punk was in session then… I remember enough to smile about it…