Cyclist down

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From: Jacob W.
I have been following DC for about 5 years now and I am doing something I had hoped never to have to do, I will be enclosing a rider down link. Megan was an awesome kid, a great friend and a awesome cyclist. Thanks for all you (and everyone else in the DC family) do to promote cycling.


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Our condolences to her friends and family.

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9 Replies to “Cyclist down”

  1. kid hit her after exams–driving toward Marion and crossed lanes and slam danced her–god damn it.

    I will get her families contact info if I can if anyone wants to send condolences.

    I am sick of readng about this kind of senseless bullshit. Great kid.

  2. “…when a southbound truck crossed the center line and struck her.”

    She was riding in the left most of the “car” lane ??

    This story does not pass the sniff test.

    RIP Ms. Baab.

  3. Her coach in TX is creating a scholarship fund in her name. I will post details once i get them.

  4. @el jefe

    It’s just the way they wrote it. To make it sound as benign as possible.

    He didn’t just cross the center line. He crossed the whole fucking opposing lane.

    Totally different.

    Fucking newspapers.

  5. BTW the driver got a ticket:
    “misdemeanor death by vehicle”
    Some tough jail sentences would help to make people think twice before driving tired, texting or whatever other activity that takes their mind off the task at hand…driving.
    R.I.P. Megan!

  6. “misdemeanor death by vehicle” ??

    Is that to murder what a wet dream is to actual sex ??

    bj. Pony up and ‘splain this shit.