This shit is nice.

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My buddy T.C. Mothafuckin’ Worley was the eye for this video. It’s badass because I said so. Fuck yeah TC. And Peacock Groove has some fucking personality.

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8 thoughts on “This shit is nice.

  1. I just watched that video with my third morning cup. Dang. Just looking at the equipment in the background made me drool. I’ll never understand how these guys put together shops like that. Clean livin’ I guess.

    Now I gotta go lay cheap linoleum in a crappy trailer that probably should be condemned. But you can bet your ass I’ll do a craftsman-like job, after watching that. It’s the least I can do.

  2. I have a friend that rides a Kroll. I believe T.C. made and another friend of mine rocks one of the first Peacock Grooves. They both ride phenomenal. I’m always wondering if I could afford a custom who would build it. T.C. is at the top of that list. His stuff kicks ass.

  3. Fat boy is just welding some tube together with some bought in gussets.
    Not exactly rocket science is it?….thats why we see so many dropouts making bikes these days. He could ride that thing better if he laid off the pork-pies.
    Wish I could say swear-words and be cool like you guys.

  4. Virgil: Erik is the bike builder. You don’t want me building your bike, buddy! Making photos/films is what I do.

    Billy: Unfortunately, Erik was working on bikes for another builder when most of this film was made. He does not usually braze or even use lugs. He’s an amazing welder – unlike most builders I guess- and his bikes are amazing and not just because I think so. Erik used to race before he gave his entire life, freetime included, to run his dream company. He’s still faster than he looks.

    What do you do that is so awesome? – besides (apparently) not be overweight?