La legende Greg Lemond

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Even though I don’t really speak or understand any French, I think the message is pretty clear on this one, baller. In the early 80’s, this guy inspired me to ride my bike and kept me going through many a ride. Back in those days we had wait for Winning Magazine to come out in order to see any images or read any stories about the races. Often the results and the news was weeks, if not months, old by the time it reach this side of the Atlantic, but that didn’t stop me from reading each issue from cover to cover at least three times. It was my connection to the sport and specifically to this rider. Enjoy.

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10 Replies to “La legende Greg Lemond”

  1. …& before ‘winning’, which really was a great mag, it was england’s ‘international cycle sport’ or perusing copies of owen mullholland’s old copies of ‘miroir du cyclisme’ with my limited high school french but hey, the truth was in the photos…

    …lemond, always a contender, was the one guy who legitimized american cycling in europe & that is said with no disrespect whatsoever to all the guys who went over & worked their asses off to make their presence felt in a tough european peloton…

    …any american in europe in those days was a baller…life was not easy for those guys in a very different era…

  2. Love it,,, Lemond was what pulled me into the sport,, he has deep roots here in the Mississippi river valley and to get to ride some of his old routes is great motivation.

  3. …i don’t see armstrong standing up there with any real honest remorse, saying he used …

    …hopefully it becomes inevitable but i’m bettin’ he’ll still use some kinda ‘slip n’ slide’ method of half-assed admittance…

    “i’m sorry – (that i can’t continue to lie my way out a’ this now that everyone & his dog has admitted they used)”

  4. I’ll never forget the final time trial @ the ’86 tour. My neighbors thought I lost my fucking mind as I screamed @ my television for him to “RIDE FASTER!!”.(of course all my windows were open @ the time). Absolute motherfucking baller.

    Also in full agreement w/Tomac a very close 2nd. (Tho I don’t think Johnny ever rode w/ a load of birdshot in him)

  5. This may sound effed up, but being a fan of Lemond SOMEHOW made me not worry about getting shot when I was out hunting because I know that if I couldn’t come back from a gunshot, I was totally pussified