Ullrich confession imminent?

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To say he’s got a lot to talk about may be the greatest understatement of the century.

Former Tour de France champion Jan Ullrich of Germany appears ready to come clean at last and confess to doping in his career, his manager Falk Nier suggested on Tuesday ahead of an expected Court of Arbitration for Sport ruling on the rider.

The ruling cycling body UCI and the World Anti-Doping Agency have appealed a ruling before the CAS from the Swiss federation to end investigations against Ullrich on whether he was a client of Spanish doctor Eufemiano Fuentes who is to have supplied riders with doping substances.

The CAS said in the past that a ruling in the case against Ullrich, who competed with a Swiss licence because he lived in the country, should be made by Wednesday (November 30).

Ullrich manager Falk Nier said that Ullrich may follow former Telekom (and T-Mobile) team-mates such as Eric Zabel and Bjaerne Riis and admit to have used forbidden substances during his career highlighted by the 1996 Tour title.

“That could happen in any case, regardless how the CAS decides,” Nier told dpa.

Read the rest: Jan Ullrich to come clean?

As I wrote, poorly, in the Velonews commentary earlier this morning, “If Jan Ullrich admits what many of [us] already suspect, it will make the supposedly ‘clean’ accomplishments of Lance Armstrong that much more unbelievable.”

L.A. clearly suffers from an inability to admit wrongdoing, if not outright narcissistic personality disorder. (See http://narcissisticpersonalitydisorder.org/.) There is no good way out of his present position. He has, quite literally, painted himself into a corner.

The Velonews article is a fair bit shorter than the Sport24.com piece linked above. That alone pretty much explains my choice. It is also paired with a story about David Millar (much respect), which seems to have dominated the majority of the comments left. And that is good reason enough to mention it in this post.

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10 Replies to “Ullrich confession imminent?”

  1. Tell it like it was Jan, we want details and dirt! It’s almost a rite of passage for these freaks. Doesn’t even have to ruin your post race career nowadays -B Riis?

  2. …go, jannie !!!…cleanse that conscience…

    …time & time again, we watched ullrich & armstrong battle it out on the worlds greatest cycling stage…

    …if armstrong’s most storied opponent comes clean, will he continue to have us all believe he was just naturally better than the worlds best when they were jacked ???…

    …cancer jesus’ tactic will likely be to pile so much “…i’m now too busy doing good things for the world to deal with this tripe…how dare you try & immerse me in this prosaic banality ???…i have the support of doctors, business leaders, politicians & millions of survivors”

    …instruction: lift edge of rug – sweep under…

    …stay tuned…

  3. Yawn Ullrich…

    Who cares? Let it go folks! They were ALL on the AvGas during that period, and we ALL watched with baited breath.

  4. Ullrich is still a big-ring hero. Even if doped, he added what a lot of clean riders today (all ten of them) are missing, excitement. I would rather watch a doped Ullrich or Zabel than a clean Cavendish, A. Schleck, or any other dominant modern tool. Is it so bad that they doped if everyone else was on the juice too?

  5. “the facts are always friendly…”

    i’m looking forward to jan speaking on his past.

    as for armstrong, his dramatically self-centered behavior is likely part of his alcoholism but not a separate diagnosable personality disorder. his lying, blaming, bizarre rage-filled personal attacks aimed at non-supporters, and denial of obvious reality are all alcoholic traits.

  6. Jan is my hero- uppers, downers, discos, accidents, fatness, and by the time July rolled around, he was ready to push that big ring to the point you thought it would glow red with heat. Kinda like Lemond- eat cheeseburgers, get big on ‘a cross country ski machine’, get laughed at in the early season then beat asses in Jul (except Lemond pulled on the yellow tunic a few more times than Jan)

    Pete_8 said it best- I’d rather watch and be realistic that these guys juice themselves and be entertained than someone looking over their effing shoulder at their brother the entire race, have one big day breakaway, only to get CRUSHED a day later when brother bear wasn’t riding next to him.

  7. Either this will be very interesting, or I’ll be fumbling for the remote.
    Someone pass me the chips and salsa please.