Tuesdays with Dirty: Fatty Love

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I have been on the fence about getting a fat bike for years now. I just couldn’t justify having a snow bike when I lived in the desert. Then I saw the Alaska beach video and my gears started to turn. Combine that video with a couple peer pressured nudges from my friends the Stomparillaz and I finally broke down and bought a new bike. I have had it for exactly 8 days and I cannot stop riding the damn thing.

I was anxious to see what it could do on the beach so I loaded up the truck and headed down to Mexico for a quick 2 day trip.  I also wanted to do some recon for a couple multi-day rides I have kickin’ around in my head for this winter…

I rode all over those beaches, pushed to the tops of dunes to ride down, and even got to ride way out into a bay at low tide.  Here are some pictures. I’m going riding.

I really can’t believe that I waited so long to get one of these bikes. Keep it dirty…

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single women and single malt. Currently in Carbondale, CO Follow on Instagram @dirty_biker

14 Replies to “Tuesdays with Dirty: Fatty Love”

  1. HELL YEAH. As you know from the facedork, I picked up the exact same bike last Friday. Its a little like being a kid again…you just want to stomp over everything. I’ve only had the change to run it on some SUPER tight, twisty and rooty trails…it was quite the upper-body workout. Can’t wait for some SNOW!!!!

  2. …re: – that last foto…

    …cue: – soft spanish guitar…
    …we see the trail hardened gringo, sun warm on his back, riding his steed out of the dunes, down into the coastal pueblo, trading visions of endless sand, blue seas & long blue skies for thoughts of grub, cervezas & maybe, just a little accompaniment from a local chica…

    …cue: – jay & the americans…
    “In a little café just the other side of the border
    She was just sitting there givin’ me looks that made my mouth water
    So I started walking her way
    She belonged to that man, José
    And I knew, yes I knew I should leave
    When I heard her say, yeah

    Come a little bit closer
    You’re my kind of man
    So big and so strong
    Come a little bit closer
    I’m all alone
    And the night is so long…”

    …whoa, hold up a minute…i’m doing some serious daydreaming here !!!…

    …enjoy, dirty b…but watch out for that man ‘jose’

  3. Welcome to the club D!!!
    What were you waiting for??!! Lol
    Drop the PSI low low low brother, and you’ll pedal up where ya pushed!!
    Have fun!!!
    And hey…….. Fatties bring tons of smiles!!
    Hey, the tires dude!! Ha Ha


  4. I’ve been thinkin’ of one of those for years as well.I know some beaches down in Colima,just perfect for those fatties…Might end up in Vietnam again though.Ridin w/Charlie.

  5. Yeah man! Welcome to the club. Wait till I get you a Lefty for the front of that thing, it’s dangerous what you’ll try then.

    Run ’em at like, 8psi, ( even lower in soft stuff) or just above what you need to eliminate self steering, and rail the crap outta that thing!

    Great pics, nothing like some fresh wallpaper!

    Oh, and get a freakin’ Nate on the back of that thing already, you’ll never walk again…..

  6. it wasn’t so much the tire pressure or the tread pattern that made me push the last half of that dune, it was more the legs and the lungs of the rider that were the problem! viva fat bikes!

  7. Just got duped into a purchasing a Pugz. The guys invited me on a night ride out the valley floor to the brew pub and I said, “but I don’t have bike.” The ever endearing Max, from the LBS, said don’t worry we got you covered. So when I showed up, he had a brand new 20″ in the stand throwing on some chain slap protection. “It’ll fit you perfect.”

    Anyone who who’s ridden one of these things on a nice packed snowy trail knows how much fun the next couple hours were. After a couple beers and a stop to praise Jah, I started thinking about the alternatives to where I was at at that moment. Riding the trainer, watching a crapy college basketball game or suffering in the dark on my skate skis, trying desperately to blow off some steam, that can really build up this time of year. Instead I was riding a bike outside, under a full moon, and pretty happy about it.

    The crew dropped my ass on the way back in, which turned out to be a premeditated tactic. When I rolled back into town, it occurred to me right away that there was know where to put the bike accept the back of my truck. The shop was locked up, Max had disappeared, and I apparently had a new horse to add to the stable.

    I rode the thing all weekend and was grinnin the whole time. Gives a guy a whole new outlook on the dreadful onset of winter.

    Thanks Max, for duping me into spending a little more money I don’t really have, and putting a huge smile on face.

    I needed it.